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Yes you read that right – not only can this drone survive a drop in the sea, but it also incorporates a unique payload release mechanism that can deliver a cool refreshing drink right to your surfboard without the need to paddle in for a break.

The Splash Drone is a fully waterproof quad copter capable of landing and floating on water. Users mount a GoPro to the underside of the vehicle using a waterproof gimbal, this can then be used to catch aerial shots while auto-following a target, but cleverly it can also be used to land on the water with the camera submerged allowing complete underwater footage.

splash drone

The Splash Drone also comes with a  payload release mechanism (see below) It can be used to carry all manner of items from water balloons to a bottle of drink to your thirsty friends. It also comes equipped with an emergency flare carrying system that can be used in real life emergency situations.

The drone can be flown by remote control, on a specific path of way-points or can even be set to auto-follow mode from within a smartphone. The video stream can also be connected to a built in transmitter that can beam the content back to a receiver up to a mile away.

Other smart but standard features include low battery warning and a return to take off location, all at the flip of a switch.

Splash Drone is currently seeking funding on on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$799 (£530) will get you the basic package by June 2015 if all goes according to plan. The full retail price is $1,199 (£790).

payload release

The payload release mechanism in all of its technical glory

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