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Pipeline Masters Zig Zag Gun

The “Back to the ‘80s” Pipeline Masters Zig Zag Gun by Bill Barnfield for Shaun Tomson

Former Banzai Pipeline Masters winner Shaun Tomson has teamed up with Hawaiian shaping master Bill Barnfield to produce an exact replica of his 7’7” 1983 Zigzag Hawaiian Gun, designed specifically for riding the Pipeline, the world’s most dangerous wave.

The board was painstakingly recreated from recently rediscovered design templates by Barnfield, and features an airbrushed design by the original artist Suzi Gillette. Photographer James Cassimus will be supplying an 18” x 24” aluminum print of his iconic photo of Shaun and the board in action at the Pipeline.
100% of all proceeds of the auction will benefit the Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club for their event on 14 March 2015.

Tomson told Drift, “I have been on the board of Boys & Girls Club in Santa Barbara for a number of years now, and since this year’s theme was “Back to the 80s”, I thought that a recreation of my classic old board might be a great fundraiser. Photographer James Cassimus captured a moment in time that is frozen forever in my memory. I looked over the edge on that beast of a wave and thought

Want to bid? Visit the eBay page by clicking here

The “Back to the ‘80s” Pipeline Masters Zig Zag Gun on the auction site eBay

The Zig Zag Gun on the auction site eBay


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