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A new product, which claims to banish the need for the age old wetsuit trick of bagging ones feet prior to entry, is touting for business on Kickstarter.

‘The fastest way in and out of cold water gear’ is the tagline of Wetox. The product creates a frictionless barrier between your skin and your equipment so you can be in and out of your suit and boots in seconds.


Wetsox and Hotsox – does this spell the end of plastic bags?

They are also offering a second product called Hotsox – “It is made from a slightly thicker fabric and much like neoprene it creates an extra layer of insulation. It has been blended so that it continues to create a frictionless barrier between your suit, your leg and your boot” Bryan Marville the founder said.

For more information or to become a backer then visit their crowdfunding page by clicking here

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