Drift catches up with multi-award winning photographer Lucia Griggi whose office is the ocean and who is one of the most respected surf photographers in a male dominated industry. www.luciagriggi.com

Drift tracked down Mark Jeremias and Jason Baffa, directors of ‘Singlefin: Yellow’, to talk about their new project, ‘One California Day’, and find out their thoughts on surf culture and tradition from Crescent City to Imperial Beach. Words: Jamie Bott

When the ‘Apocalypse Now’ film crew packed up and left the Philippine coastal town of Baler, they left one important item behind – a surfboard. More than 30 years on and this quiet backwater is home to a stoked crew of welcoming locals. Words: Mark Sankey Photos: Alexa Poppe

Co-founder of the original Aussie counter-culture surf bible, Tracks, and director of 'Morning of the Earth', Alby Falzon lives up to his reputation as the spiritual father of the alternative surf lifestyle. Words: Jair Bortoleto Photos: Courtesy of Alby Falzon

Drift checks in with Andrew Crockett following the release of the much-anticipated 'Switch-Foot II', a tribute to surfing's counter-culture.

Highs and lows in Morocco. Photos and words by Dan Crockett.

Photographer Ben Thouard joins the Oxbow team aboard the Windward as they trawl pristine Pacific atolls in search of adventure, virgin waves and new opportunities.

Mat Arney hooks up with some old friends to go feral on the Arabian Peninsula and hunt down some truly isolated swell. Words & photos: Mat Arney

A world away from the average commercial surf competition, pushy dads and nervous groms, generations share the stoke at a contest that celebrates the original Hawaiian spirit. This is truly a unique perspective in surfing. Photos: Yves S

Mark Leary's latest work deviates sharply from the usual surf photography portfolio, celebrating as it does the commonplace, everyday aspects of surfing instead of monster swells and awesome barrels. Chris Preston chats to him about moments captured.

Sean Mattison has a reputation as a designer, a coach, and a businessman. His competitive experience, retail background and knowledge acquired from testing hundreds of surfboards made him one of the most versatile surfers in California. Words: Rui Ribeiro.


Real-time water quality app launched by SAS

July 29, 2014 |  Words By:


Surfers Against Sewage has launched a new iPhone and Android app that will help protect water users from pollution.
The Safer Seas Service alerts you when overflows discharge sewage into the sea and when water quality is reduced by pollution at 315 beaches across England and Wales.  

Sabulous Games featuring Vincent Duvignac

July 29, 2014 |  Words By:


After spending weeks sidelined from a back injury, Duvi returns to the water to play his favourite game.

From the end of the French winter right through until the last drops of Summer he finds great lines in all different kinds of conditions.
Check out Duvi’s endless magic sessions with friends Arthur Bourbon and Maxime Huscenot as they seek out sand banks in the south-west coast of France.

Europe Chapter One: Andrew Cotton & Alan Stokes Trailer

July 28, 2014 |  Words By:

The first chapter in a Vito Sport Europe series: Andrew Cotton and Alan Stokes catch early season waves in Hossegor and Capbreton, France.

Lego from down below

July 24, 2014 |  Words By:

Lego_thumb4.8 Million pieces of Lego confined to a watery grave in 1997 after toppling off the top of a container ship have been reappearing on beaches across England.
The Tokio Express was about 20 miles off Land’s End on its way to New York when it was struck by what was described as a “once in a 100-year wave”. The ship stayed afloat but, as it listed, 60 containers slipped out of site and into the murky English Channel.

#TBT Darrick Doerner

July 24, 2014 |  Words By:

The original big wave pioneer and tow-in surfing legend. Double D shows us how it should be done!

Secret surf contest 2014: Россия*

July 23, 2014 |  Words By:


Every year, Nixon organise one of the wildest and remote surf competitions on the planet.
Ten of the best European surfers are invited to an unknown surf destination, to battle against their own fears & human limits without the pressures of the public or the press.
This year the covert contest was hosted in the barren wilds of Kamchatka, *Russia.

Find Your Love — Soul & Surf (and Win!)

July 22, 2014 |  Words By:

Soulandsurf_thumbFind Your Love is a new short film from Soul & Surf that is inspired by a David Hieatt poem which questions our life dreams and goals and what truly makes us happy.

For many years Ed & Sofie Templeton had a scrap of paper, torn from a clothing brand’s catalogue, pinned to their fridge with this poem on it reminding them that life is short, to seize the day and that taking risks is good.

Wild seas and white lightning

July 21, 2014 |  Words By:


Even the legend that is Tom Curren thought the Goofies were going to go all the way but the South Atlantic had other plans.

Wilko blazed through ten-foot sets and on any other day, against any other surfer he would have been in the final, but the southern oceans were too much for backhand surfing.