Gran Canaria is already a favourite getaway for many Europeans. Year-round sunshine, virtually no rain and an abundance of home comforts have the tourists flocking in by the thousands. But Drift discovered a far better reason to visit - literally hundreds of hidden surf spots that can be yours alone to enjoy all year round.

A tale of surfing reefs in South Africa, but not knowing what you get yourself into. Drift contributor Tim Conibear points a finger at localism and finds three more pointing right back. Photos: Mike Reich

Luciano Burin catches up with Junior Faria, a pro surfer breaking the Brazilian mould, whose atmospheric photographs capture the happiness and freedom of surfing.

Co-founder of the original Aussie counter-culture surf bible, Tracks, and director of 'Morning of the Earth', Alby Falzon lives up to his reputation as the spiritual father of the alternative surf lifestyle. Words: Jair Bortoleto Photos: Courtesy of Alby Falzon

A sign on the 130-year-old pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea warns people not to jump off it. On a big surf day surfers make their way to the end of the sturdy 206 metre structure and jump like lemmings into the cold, murky North Sea. Words: Simon Palmer Photos: Ian Forsyth

The Mentawais have given a lot to surfers; now it's time to give something back. Kate and Luke Gerson celebrate the beauty of these islands and highlight the continued need for aid following the recent earthquake.

The original seminal surf book Switch-Foot will be back in its third incarnation thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. It is nearly ten years (2005) since the first Switch-Foot book took to the surfing world, creating ripple effects wherever it went.

Using locally sourced timber and having designed a manufacturing process that minimises waste, Mike LaVecchia of Grain Surfboards has cornered the market in beautiful, sustainable wooden boards. And the best bit? They ride like a dream. Photos: Nick LaVecchia

Looking to the future with an eye firmly on the past, Tom Wegener has reintroduced the transport of kings to surfing's elite. His boards are works of art, but it's his veg patch that really floating Tom's boat right now... Words: Tommy Leitch Photos: Jamie Bott

Meeting a legend is something few people have the opportunity to do. During a short stay in California last winter Dave Muir created his own luck in finding Skip Frye at home. He was welcomed in to take a look around. Words: Dave Muir Photos: Dave Muir and Skip Frye

Highs and lows in Morocco. Photos and words by Dan Crockett.


London Surf / Film Festival ‘Lines on Water’ charity art auction

December 18, 2014 |  Words By:

lsff_thumbAs the 2014 London Surf / Film Festival charity art auction draws to a close, it’s your last opportunity to own one of the incredible one off pieces created for the ‘Lines on Water’ exhibition in support of #2minutebeachclean and Water Aid.

Best Surfing Fails 2014

December 17, 2014 |  Words By:

fail_thumbWe have trawled the interwebs so you don’t have to and we are proud to bring you the definitive top ten surfing fails of 2014. Never could a finer collection of people in pain and agony be found – luckily most of that suffering is in their own embarrassment!
From the professional to the kook, the spring breaker to the seriously scared – we think we have this all sewn up! If you think otherwise we would love to hear from you!

Surfing Lake Tahoe

December 16, 2014 |  Words By:

tahoe_thumbStrong winds from the Pacific Ocean caused big swells on Lake Tahoe, which surfers couldn’t resist. The winds gusted up to 60mph and the waves don’t need any more encouragement than that (Neither do the surfers of course). The storm had already caused flooding in parts of California and heavy snow was falling at the nearby Boreal Mountain Resort. If you wanted to live the dream from ‘Surf to Snow’ you can do from Tahoe to Boreal in little over half an hour. Not a bad day out.

Last chance to enter: SAS 2014 Raffle

December 16, 2014 |  Words By:

sas_thumbThe 2014 SAS Raffle is closing soon! There are some great prizes to be won this year, including £2000 to spend at Magic Seaweed, an Otter Surfboard and a morning session for you and your mates at the Bristol Wave before it even opens.

Interview: Marlon Lipke

December 15, 2014 |  Words By:

Marlon_thumbEffie Efthymiadi from Freunde von Freunden catches up with the first German ever to make the ASP Tour
Wax in hand rubbing against a surfboard, neoprene wetsuit zipped up and waves rolling in tubes pleading to be cut across.
In a similar setting you’re most likely to find world-renowned surfer Marlon Lipke as he confesses he cannot stay away from water for too long. The German national was born in Lisbon and raised in Lagos, he was the first from his country to ever compete in the ASP world championship tour in 2008, battling against some of the world’s elite.

Surfer/Author Tom Anderson joins the Elusive team

December 15, 2014 |  Words By:

tom_aderson_thumbOne of Tom’s main goals in life is to surf into old age, and although the years are slowly catching up with him, getting in the water is what drives him as much as ever. After some time competing (and usually losing), Tom was inspired by his passion for travel to write the iconic surf memoir Riding the Magic Carpet – a tale of worldwide trips culminating at South Africa’s Jeffrey’s Bay.

Slater’s back on track after round two of the Billabong Pipe Masters

December 13, 2014 |  Words By:

asp_thumbHuge surf forces an early finish.
The second instalment of the ASP Billabong Pipe Masters Pro got underway in difficult conditions.
All round two heats were completed before the rising swell, with wave face heights of up to 30 feet, washed out the competition zone – leading for the competition to be called off. Out of the 12 heats only two saw heat totals more than 10 points out of a possible 20, a testament to how difficult the conditions were.

Kai Lenny takes on Jaws riding a motorised surfboard

December 11, 2014 |  Words By:

kai_thumbIt does feel a little like cheating but kudos to Kai Lenny for taking on such a monster wave and conquering it (although it does look like he is running away at times, but who would blame him).
While the paddle-in surfers were floundering in the massive swell and blustery conditions, Lenny rode in from the deep on a 1.8 metre (6 ft) motorised surfboard made of Kevlar and carbon fibre.
The JetSurf is Propelled with a 100cc engine that maxes out at 61km per hour, technically it’s fast enough to get a speeding ticket if you used it on dry land – which one wouldn’t recommend.