A profile of shaper Chris Jones: If you surf sooner or later you’ll end up at Chris Jones’ door. Who else can offer you fifty years of shaping experience? Who else was there at the beginning? CJ, legendary shaper/surfer, rugby fanatic, pasty connoisseur is this morning sanding down a vintage Tiki for restoration.

Jimmy Newitt pays homage to one of South Devon's treasures - not a break but a surfer who stands tall in the crowd. Words: Jimmy Newitt Photos: Ollie Howe

Two of the most influential people on the surf-inspired art scene, Jeff Raglus and Gerry Wedd have been making their mark on everything from surfboards to teapots since the 1970s. Thirty years later, they're still as productive as ever... Words: Tommy Leitch Photos: Jamie Bott

As the Campbell brothers wrap up a European shaping tour, Mark Sankey discovers Bournemouth's hidden Californian connection, and why old designs aren't necessarily retro. Photos and design by Alexa Poppe

When the ‘Apocalypse Now’ film crew packed up and left the Philippine coastal town of Baler, they left one important item behind – a surfboard. More than 30 years on and this quiet backwater is home to a stoked crew of welcoming locals. Words: Mark Sankey Photos: Alexa Poppe

We're all aware of Rio de Janeiro and its most famous charms - the football, carnival, Sugarloaf, Copacabana, Caipirinhas, the girls, the parties - but what of the city's surfing and the culture associated with it? Drift checks out the stand out characteristics of 'the marvellous city'! Photography: Benoit Fournier / www.benoit-fournier.com

Mark Sankey and Alexa Poppe uncover the isolation and challenges of the Mentawai Islands, and consider the challenge of balancing tourism and sustainability, in an environmentally sensitive surfing destination.

A world away from the average commercial surf competition, pushy dads and nervous groms, generations share the stoke at a contest that celebrates the original Hawaiian spirit. This is truly a unique perspective in surfing. Photos: Yves S

A sign on the 130-year-old pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea warns people not to jump off it. On a big surf day surfers make their way to the end of the sturdy 206 metre structure and jump like lemmings into the cold, murky North Sea. Words: Simon Palmer Photos: Ian Forsyth

Kye Fitzgerald recounts the tale of the unusual return of Bobby Owens' magic board. Photos: Mark Onorati, Aitionn

From cliff-top vantage points to harbour hop-offs, beach-side hammocks to unglamorous car parks, Mat Arney raids his photo archive to document a different perspective in surfing


Trying to find the best waves? Take a leaf out of his book

October 22, 2014 |  Words By:

rita_thumbPhotographer Rita Kluge was expecting to see surfers riding high when she went to capture a large swell near Sydney, she certainly wasn’t expecting them to be firmly rooted to the ground at the top of a massive tree like this guy though!

Volcom presents Ryan Burch: The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm

October 21, 2014 |  Words By:

Ryan Burch IndoRyan Burch shares his thoughts on self-expression and how riding the asymmetrical boards he shapes fits into that, then shows us how well these strange looking craft go at pumping Desert Point and G-Land.

The most dangerous surf breaks in the world

October 21, 2014 |  Words By:

big_thumbA smart infographic showing off the big wave surf breaks of the world. From Puerto Rico to Portugal, California to County Donegal. If you want it big then this is the place to find it.

Mick Fanning Wins the Moche Rip Curl Pro

October 21, 2014 |  Words By:

asp_thumbMick Fanning claimed victory at the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal after defeating Jordy Smith, in clean three-to-five foot barrels, during the finals at Supertubos in Peniche. The win marks Fanning’s third event victory of the season, after Bells Beach and Jefferys Bay, placing him at No. 2 in the world rankings.

Airwave: The inflatable surf reef

October 20, 2014 |  Words By:

reef_thumbAn Australian has come up with a new type of artificial reef that could be the solution to our damaged ocean ecosystems. The Surfing Airwave works by anchoring a uniquely shaped sail on the bottom of the ocean, blowing it up with air and then waiting for the next swell to produce waves on it.
In its simplicity it sounds like a plan that could definitely work. That said, one imagines it is no mean feat to tie down a large sack of air especially while a large swell is bashing it from above.

Slater pulls 540 or 720 or something else? Debate rages hard…

October 20, 2014 |  Words By:

slater_thumbWhatever it was officially, it is now open to huge worldwide debate. Take a trawl around the world’s surf press and you won’t find a single straight answer. The one thing we can be sure of is that it was an awesome trick, just a shame it was outside of comp time at the ASP in Portugal.

Medina and Slater eliminated from the Moche Rip Curl Pro

October 19, 2014 |  Words By:

asp_thumbSupertubos delivered some major upsets as current world title contenders, Kelly Slater and Gabriel Medina, were eliminated by Aritz Aranburu and Brett Simpson in their round three bouts. Medina’s early exit ends his chances of claiming the world surfing crown in Portugal, pushing the title race to the final event in Hawaii.

Big Wave Surfing in Reverse

October 17, 2014 |  Words By:

laird_reverseA short, sharp session of fun as Laird Hamilton take on Peahi backwards. He even jumps through a rainbow. Good man.