The original seminal surf book Switch-Foot could be back in its third incarnation thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. It is nearly ten years (2005) since the first Switch-Foot book took to the surfing world, creating ripple effects wherever it went.

They're trained to defend their country and protect our freedom and liberty, but when active service is over, many soldiers find themselves struggling with personal and mental problems that the army just doesn't want to know about. Could surfing provide some answers? Words & photos: Russ Pierre

Jeff Divine remembers the time when surfers were akin to outlaws, and his photographs capture the days of uncrowded line-ups, good vibes and barefoot living. Words: Michael Fordham Photos: Jeff Divine

Hidden away in a Falmouth boatyard among the classic lines of traditional timber ships is an unusual surfboard factory: one in which the boards are finished with wood and natural oils. Here tradition meets modernism. This is Glass Tiger. Words: Mark Sankey Action photos: Kirstin Prisk Other photos & design: Alexa Poppe

A worthy addition to European surfing culture, the surfilmfestibal festival attempts to connect the global surfing community through moving picture, art and education. Words: Howard Swanwick. Photos: surfilmfestibal

Jimmy Newitt pays homage to one of South Devon's treasures - not a break but a surfer who stands tall in the crowd. Words: Jimmy Newitt Photos: Ollie Howe the age of the programmable hand. San Diego's Josh Hall explains why he has chosen to tread the well-worn path of hand-shaping, in conversation with Andy Smith. Photos: Garrett Highhouse, T. Colla, Ryan Tatar

Tyler Warren's star is burning bright; his images feature prominently in magazines and his name's on everyone's lips right now, yet he pilots a steady course through the hype. Words: Chris Preston Photos: Kyle MacLennan

Using locally sourced timber and having designed a manufacturing process that minimises waste, Mike LaVecchia of Grain Surfboards has cornered the market in beautiful, sustainable wooden boards. And the best bit? They ride like a dream. Photos: Nick LaVecchia

The Mentawais have given a lot to surfers; now it's time to give something back. Kate and Luke Gerson celebrate the beauty of these islands and highlight the continued need for aid following the recent earthquake.

Sean Mattison has a reputation as a designer, a coach, and a businessman. His competitive experience, retail background and knowledge acquired from testing hundreds of surfboards made him one of the most versatile surfers in California. Words: Rui Ribeiro.


SharkStopper: Personal shark repellent

September 30, 2014 |  Words By:

sharkstopper_thumbThe Sharkstopper device claims it will make you sound like one of a sharks few predators, the orca (or killer whale) and is a brand new invention seeking funding on crowdfunding site Kickstarter
(If you missed the recent video of a pool of orcas taking down a tiger shark then check out the video at the bottom of this story. You can see why they might be scared)

Swell Voyage

September 29, 2014 |  Words By:

salty_thumbThis is an article from Salty at Heart Magazine, a bi-annual inspirational surf/art culture magazine. Click here to learn more.
Our featured traveler for this issue is the lovely world traveler, environmentalist, surfer, Patagonia ambassador, and experienced captain and seafarer, Liz Clark. She has traversed thousands of miles of ocean waters aboard her 40-foot sailboat, Swell, and has come a long way from Los Angeles.

The French leg of the ASP continues

September 29, 2014 |  Words By:

quiksilver_thumbThe Quiksilver Pro continued today for the last three remaining heats of round 2 and the opening four heats of round three, in three-to-five foot conditions at Les Gardians.

World’s best take to the water as the Quiksilver Pro Continues

September 28, 2014 |  Words By:

quik_thumbThe second instalment of the Quiksilver Pro France got underway in pristine three-to-four foot conditions, for nine heats of round two. Some of the world’s best surfers took to the waves at Les Gardians in order to fight for a spot in round three.

Big airs and big upsets at the opening day of the Quiksilver Pro

September 26, 2014 |  Words By:

asp_quiksilver_thumbIt was an exciting first day of competition at the Quiksilver Pro France, with quality performances and a handful of big upsets.
The world’s best surfers took to the lineup at Les Gardians in clean three-to-four foot conditions.

SAS: New & vintage designs

September 26, 2014 |  Words By:

Sas_thumbA whole range of new and vintage products have been released by Surfers Against Sewage and are now available in the SAS Eco Surf Shop.
To support their community beach clean efforts and marine litter campaigns they’re launching an all-new Beach Guardian range. They have also reprinted some old-school classics! Already a member? Receive a 10% discount at checkout!

Reef – Just Passing Through Spain & Portugal

September 25, 2014 |  Words By:

JustPassingThroughTake a two week journey through Spain and Portugal with some of Reef Europe’s finest ambassadors including Kepa Acero, Vincent Duvignac, and guest Nick Rozsa.

#TBT Greg Noll reviews ‘Ride the Wild Surf’

September 25, 2014 |  Words By:

tbt_thumbTaken from Stacy Peralta’s film Riding Giants. Greg Noll lets rip into the 1964 romantic surf drama. Admittedly the special effects needed some touching up and Greg doesn’t hold back from letting them know, hurling such classic lines as “Man… It just makes me puke!”