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Most surfers dream of being the first to discover that perfect wave with nobody around to ruin it. But in a time when almost every phenomena in the western world is documented, and every surfable wave surfed, the chances of this dream becoming a reality rarely exists.

Step in Ira Mowen, originally from Santa Cruz but now a Berlin resident who has discovered one last untouched treasure. A beautiful, crisp, unspoilt, virgin wave which remarkably comes from a land without an ocean – this wave has never been surfed, let alone documented.

Although a natural break, this strangely perfect wave is a bi-product of man vs nature. The head-high wave is formed by a giant ship passing a shallow harbour sandbar. However, this unusual wave proved almost impossible to catch for Ira – only breaking big enough to surf about once a week, it forced him to camp out in freezing temperatures just to be near it.

Tragically also, the wave is ill-fated. The 30 year old ship that spawns this accident, will be replaced soon by a new one that most likely won’t make a wave.
Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Surf Berlin is a film about one man on a winter-long quest to document a ride on this rare German wave before it, and the ship that creates it, are gone forever.
The trailer shows an obsession with cold water riding taken to a new level by Ira the landlocked lover of surf. We for one would truly love to see this in production.

Find out more about Surf Berlin or to back the project visit the Kickstarter page

You can check out the Kickstarter video here


And watch the full trailer here

Surf Berlin – Trailer from Ira Mowen on Vimeo.

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