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How to surf like a pro

You want to know how to surf like a pro? Get a board. Find some waves. Attach a leash to your back ankle, and paddle out to the break to sit on your board, shoo...

Top five mobile apps for surfers

Long gone are the days where surfers would have to tune in to the radio or check the weather report on TV to know when to hit the waves.The advance of moder...

From curtains to kings

Alder Sportswear celebrates its fiftieth year supporting ocean addictions.
‘Bucolic.’ That’s the only word to describe Devon in early summer. The only way, in fact, to describe the Westlake home. T

Surf longer and paddle stronger with PaddlePillow

With one in four surfers suffering from lower back pain, Irish surfer David Collins – himself being part of that statistic – set about trying to find a solution that would keep him in the water longer and relieve his acute back pains.

All the Rage

In this time of crowded lineups, frayed patience and every wannabe groupie teen fashion sucker buying a cheap pop-out and proclaiming themselves surfers, there’...

The Devil’s own boards

If the Devil did shape his own surfboards, they would for sure look great and run as smooth as hell. But he doesn't, or does he?...In a sleepy corner of a U...