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The team behind the Wavegarden in Spain have released this super-cool video testing out a lighting rig that works under the water.

Working with leading technical suppliers, Wavegarden is working on lighting up facilities at night which, apart from looking great, will allow surfers to catch waves before or after work, or school, especially in winter months when daylight is limited.

“Lighting the waves from underneath the water is a new concept”, confirmed Wavegarden’s CEO, Josema Odriozola. “We used software programs to modify the light coverage, intensity, and color. We even managed to install a light on the moving wavefoil to illuminate the wave for the entire length of the lagoon”.

Night surfing is not a new thing, various competitions have been held by flood lighting the ocean similar to a football stadium. However, it is complicated to set up and difficult to light up a large enough area to fully see the waves approaching.

“I’ve surfed at night before but this is something completely different”, explained Frenchman Vincent Duvignac, recognized as one of Europe’s most talented and stylish surfers. “When you surf now seems irrelevant: Natxo and I surfed until 2am and could have kept going except we became completely surfed out”.


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