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Part one of a two part series into South American shapers. Over the last 25 years there has been exponential growth of surfing in Argentina. From very few in the early 60s & 70s to today’s overcrowded lineups, there is always a shaper doing his best to give us a decent board.

Handshaping, automation, the country’s financial situation and the inner feelings of surf. All of these topics were discussed and shared with six of the most well known Argentinian shapers. In the first edition, Pepe Gil from Birdband Surfboards, Manuel Mosquera from Xtorsion Surfboards and Lito Antifora from Angel Surfboards give us the low down.

litoLito Antifora (Angel Surfboards)
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Meet Lito Antifora, a name that is history itself. Son of a surf pioneer, the great Angel Antifora who during the last 50 years made the surf history in our country. Lito has a solid and well earned reputation as a Shaper. His classic but restless style make the difference when you are looking for a custom surfboard. Here are his thoughts about being a shaper in Argentina. Enjoy.

Thanks Lito!



PepePepe Gil (Birdband Surfboards)
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Any surfer, from a legend to the youngest grom, will show praise to Pepe Gil from Birdband Surfboards. Pepe has amazing knowledge of surfboards and he is always open to share it. Over the last 25 years he worked with well known shapers such as Geoff Rashe from M10 among others,which allowed him to learn every secret of this art. Please enjoy his thoughts…

Thanks Pepe!



manuManuel Mosquera (Xtorsion Surfboards)
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If you need to know anything about surfboards or SUPs, you need Manuel Mosquera from Xtorsion surfboards, who over the last 20 years has extensive experience accumulated through numerous trips around the world’s most important surf spots (Hawaii just to name one).
Manu has been trained with the best techniques by professionals of the highest standard worldwide. So one day after his birthday, Manuel kindly opened his shaping room to talk about what means to be a shaper today in Argentina.

Thanks a lot for you time, Manu!

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