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RGK rides 9’4 Gato Heroi Playboy in junky East-Australian surf.

Kegel described as ‘like no one else on a longboard’ tears up the rulebook down the south coast of Austrialia about four hours from Sydney (A secret little northern corner about five kms down a dirt track apparently).

He is riding a Gato Heroi Playboy, one of the few options that he shaped himself for the Joel Tudor ‘Duct Tape Invitational’ event in Noosa.

Recommend you mute the volume. The jazz (if it is jazz) track is awful noise.

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Andy Findlay gave us the low-down

“He put this little Gato T fin in it to try for this surf and it was just going mental, we only filmed part of his surf but it was one of the craziest sessions I have ever seen Robin hit, he was just doing mental stuff.

“Rolls, take-offs, airs, a few of those rollercoaster parallels. He even spent the first half of the session switch. He really is like no one else on a longboard when he has a session like that.”

The film was shot and edited by Jessamyn Jean.


gato_heroiSome say you’re shaping the future of longboarding, some that your logs are too weird and hard too hard to ride, what’s the truth?

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