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Tom Bing and Sally McGee set off Northwards late 2015 riding small motorbikes from Santiago, Chile with the goal of reaching Northern California later in 2016.

Central to their adventure is being able to surf the whole journey so they’ll be hugging the coastline as much as possible, planning on passing through 12 countries in total, clocking up around 15,000 miles.

Much of their small budget has been spent on the bikes so they are camping, couch surfing and exchanging work for accommodation as much as possible along the way.

Surfboards were essential for the trip and they’re being carried by modified Northcore board racks on the bikes. So far they have travelled the length of Chile through the Atacama desert into Peru and onto Ecuador.

This is the second in the series of the ‘The West Road’, click here to see the Chilean leg of their adventure.

“Tom and Sally’s trip really inspired us as we love a good adventure. I was stoked to meet up with Tom before he set off and immediately agreed to help out with some Northcore kit for the trip. It’s amazing being able to follow the couple and release short film edits and blog updates on their surf adventure of a lifetime.” Northcore founder Matt Strathern said about the adventure.

To find out more about Northcore’s range of gear visit their website


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