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Despite its name the latest ‘must have’ GoPro accessory seeking your hard earned cash for funding on Kickstarter looks like it could be pretty damn useful.

The Spivo allows you to easily switch the field of view of your camera by simply pressing a trigger. The stick is designed for use with the GoPro but also a raft of other action cams and even your phone – although the latter may not be so good in the surf.

The pole is custom designed with an ambidextrous thumb trigger for left and right hand usage. Even in gloves the Spivo’s grip allows you to press the trigger without spraining your wrist and the included lanyard will give you the added safety net needed when in the water.

Available in three sizes, from the small which is suitable for throwing in your pocket, through to the large which will be great to shoot the entire length of a longboard. The designers have opted for different lengths rather than an extendible pole to reduce the moving parts and keep the strength in the product.

spivo sizes


While the technology isn’t going to win any awards, there is no doubt that the sublimely simple operation and silky smooth rotation is a great addition to a 21st century problem.

To check out prices of the Spivo go to Amazon 

Check out this Gif of the stick in surfing action!


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