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Two British girls go on a mission to surf as ‘Kelly says’. With his instructorship forward, front and centre in their minds they head off over the globe to better themselves and stick to Kelly’s golden mantra.

Hannah from Newquay and Dannie, a pint sized Scottish frother, got the idea for Kelly Says a few years ago on a crap, winters day in Cornwall when they couldn’t be bothered to surf the 1ft onshore mush in freezing temperatures.


“Then someone said to us Kelly Slater says you have to surf all types of waves to improve’.” Hannah told Drift.

“Easy for him to say when he comes from sunny Florida. So we started to live by the law of Kelly Slater and Surf No Matter What.”

“We filmed ourselves surfing everyday throughout a UK winter and then put together an edit which we thought no one would watch (except for our mums) but people seemed to love watching us wipeout and freeze our butts off!”


“We’ve filmed in Scotland, France and Tenerife and our latest episode was filmed in Australia. We just try to show the real life side to surf trips, surfing through British winters and also a different angle on women’s surfing. Hopefully it’s just brings a bit of fun back to surfing videos and also makes you laugh!”

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We catch up with the girls down-under on the Australian leg of their tour…

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