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A popular surfing spot in California thought the modern technology of a drone would be a great asset in the protection of surfers and swimmers in their area. However, minutes after launching the device the lifeguards could hardly believe their eyes as the swimming areas were inundated with great white sharks.

“This morning, we launched it and 10 minutes later, we knew there were 10 to 12 sharks all in the Surfside area,” Seal Beach’s chief lifeguard, Joe Bailey said.

Right now though, this is not being treated as cause for alarm as this is considered perfectly normal and non-threatening behaviour.

“If we get bigger sharks or we get sharks that are aggressive, we are actually going to close the water. But right now, we have sharks that are five to six feet long, non-aggressive, acting like normal sharks, feeding on bottom fish, doing exactly what we would expect them to do.”

Lifeguards have put up warning posters to advise locals. This is all the action they are taking at present but this certainly seems enough to deter some, as one surfer said:

“I was planning on going surfing tomorrow and I’m definitely not now.” “Sharks are my biggest fear, so it is very daunting for me,” another added.

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