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Users call it, “Being the board” — WaveWrecker is wearable technology that allows users to surf on waves without using a board. Because of its ability to float, WaveWrecker shortens the bodysurfing learning curve for beginners and children. The suit allows parents to feel comfortable about their child’s safety because of the suits buoyancy. Wearing the suit will allow one to float on top of the water.

Since its inception in 2010, WaveWrecker has become more than a wetsuit: It is a movement to empower individuals to surf without a board and for parents and children to feel safe during their surfing experience.


Dr. Nick Gadler, founder of the WaveWrecker and longtime bodysurfer, is a native San Diegan who has been practicing oral surgery for 20 years. He developed the idea from an experience with his son while teaching him how to swim in their backyard pool. Dr. Gadler kept treading water waiting on the deep end for a long period of time for his son to swim, but his son was too frightened to swim towards him. Then Dr. Gadler grabbed two pool noodles to prop himself up and floated in the water. And that was how the WaveWrecker was created.

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“If I can float like this and have the same mobility and buoyancy, I bet I can swim like this freely and definitely catch some waves,” said Dr. Gadler in the beginning of his thought process. This is not your average wetsuit — it takes safety and the surfer experience to the next level with its buoyancy, safety, aesthetics and experience all in one.


Dr. Nick Gadler, founder of the WaveWrecker

Mar Vista High School, San Diego CA. purchased WaveWrecker suits for their after school program. The WaveWrecker suits will help children overcome their fear of the water and allow them to feel safe while wearing a suit. Gadler’s goal is for children to overcome their fear with swimming and getting in the water. He believes that if his son can get over his fear, any child can with the WaveWrecker.

The WaveWrecker is $229.00 for a children’s suit and $249.00 for adults. If you would like your children being safe in the water you better get them a WaveWrecker at

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