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A new wetsuit which is cleverly cut differently from all other suits on the market is claiming to revolutionise your speed in the water.

Traditionally all wetsuits (or even shirts for that matter) are measured and cut with your hands down by your side which makes perfect sense for the vast majority of products out there, but the Maverick X suit from Roka Sports goes against this thinking and is cut with with the arms and hands in full stretch in the air.

According to the manufacturer this liberates users from the normal restrictions of a wetsuit, allowing for a “Faster, unrestricted stroke with better mechanics, less effort and no shoulder strain.”

“It is the freest, fastest wetsuit ever built.” Roka added.

Constructed from Yamamoto limestone-based neoprene the suit also features a buoyant front panel which raises the user to the perfect position for most power in the water.

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The premium line Maverick X is actually designed as a triathlon suit so there would likely be some serious downsides to using it in the surf but I’m sure that won’t stop the flashy pants surfers amongst us sniffing one out.



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