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Part three of a five part series from the team behind the Headache cold water surf film. Drift has exclusive access to the crew and riders as they head their way from one big icy swell to another – taking in Scotland, Germany, Iceland, Helgolad and this time Denmark

We are shifting through the night on empty motorways towards the north, a comfortable shiver runs down my back – it is that feeling of being at home. High expectations come hand in hand with the excitement of seeing well known shores. We should be careful with our assumptions though, so many times in the past ‘the perfect day’ was just an average Joe, probably worth the seven hour car ride from Rostock but still mediocre.

Headache Surf Film

As the sun is starting to peek beyond the horizon, the city names on the road signs start to look familiar. We are optimistic to say the least. Maybe this time our eagerness will bless us with untouched perfect waves all glazed by the low sunlight of Scandinavian winter.

Charming tiny old fishermen houses nestling with weed and moss covered sand dunes start to form in the daylight ahead of us.

This moment has something soothing and legitimate about it. The endurance of a long overnight car ride was all worth it. Like the gratification of dozing in a shelter in your sleeping bag after a day long session of playing with the boobs of mother North Sea. You know how to please, Denmark! We embrace the days we have had with you and the beauty they have shown. Clean, overhead and sometimes barreling perfectly. Bathed in the golden sunlight of short days. Perfect escapism. No crowds to spoil the fun. We danced on waves, which later filled conversations and still haunt our minds.

Headache Surf Film

Here, emails and the reception of your mobile phone don’t mean shit

The North Sea is our mistress. Moody from time to time. Often you have had us fooled with never ending spot checks followed by missing out on that ‘one good hour’ at the first spot we had looked at. The odysseys of finding that one sandbar that works at 40 knots of onshore wind, just to get out in the water that day. The excellent days as well as the ordinary put a smile on our faces. You have a propensity to do astonishing things but you don’t like to be hustled into anything. A breath of anarchy and freedom offering a paradise just around the corner. Only a stones throw away from the frantic drag of daily routine. Here, emails and the reception of your mobile phone don’t mean shit. Just the moments (as cheesy as it may sound) when you are out in the frigid water with friendly and familiar faces around you.


Moody mother North Sea consistently forms playgrounds for our illusive enterprise

Time does not matter. It may be one day or two whole weeks – you never get old because you are ever-changing – breaks come and go. You will always show us a new face, like a chameleon of sandbars and ever shifting barrels. Moody mother North Sea consistently forms playgrounds for our illusive enterprise. The scenery of dark woods torn apart by hilly moss lands, sprinkled with old bunkers and swampy mirrors of fresh water seem as off-the-wall as the dark side of the moon. A dynamic cast of people but the characters are static. The friends, the seals, seagulls and beachcombers.

Denmark you are the one song we could listen to forever. Well-known but still always something new to discover.
You are the exploration of our innermost thoughts, the reflection that is deeply rooted within observation and intimacy.





Headache Surf Film

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