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Courtney Bower is a young lady with a huge heart. Three years ago, Courtney’s mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and she faced the possibility of losing her mum to this dreadful disease. More recently, Courtney’s grandmother was also diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently fighting it. Rather than just sit on the sidelines and not do anything, Courtney decided to take action and to start raising much needed funds for the Cancer Councils Pink Ribbon fund. This is where her idea of TUBES 4 BOOBS emerged. I was so inspired by Courtney that I decided to catch up with her to find out more…

Tell me a bit about how you came up with the idea of ‘Tubes 4 Boobs’

We (my partner Marlenn and I) had been throwing around ideas of hosting a longboard surf comp for a while but didn’t have the motivation. Because of my mums cancer I had hosted a few events already such as Biggest Morning Tea and Pink Ribbon Merchandise stalls, but I felt I wanted to do more. One day out of the blue I got an email from the Cancer Council asking what I was doing this year (2015) to help out. I received the email while I was at a longboard comp and the light bulb lit up! When we got home we started making phone calls and sending emails and before we knew it our idea had so much support and our idea became a reality!

Why did you decide to host this event?

It’s a great way to bring the community together, to have fun and at the same time raise awareness and support for a cause I am so passionate about!

Has the event been held before or is this the first year?

This is the first of what we hope will be an annual competition.

Where are the funds raised being donated?

The funds raised will go directly to Pink Ribbon and towards new research, cancer nurses, information, help packs for newly diagnosed patients, transport and accommodation for patients during treatment. We are hoping to raise over $10,000 at this years event! Our major goal is $100,000 in 5 years, which would be beyond incredible!

Who else is on board helping you with ‘Tubes 4 Boobs’?

Well there is myself and my partner Marlenn Guihot. We are both from Newcastle and are the Event Organizers. We are blessed to be receiving a great amount of help from Elissa Mead who is the Community Relations Coordinator at The Cancer Council NSW. The 3 Peas Market organizers Suze McDonald and Bianca Tupper are absolute legends that are helping out too with this fab event!

When is ‘Tubes 4 Boobs’ being held and where?

Dixon Park Beach, Newcastle, NSW (Australia), Saturday October 3rd – Sunday October 4th 7:00 am – 5:00pm both days

Tell us about other fun things that will be going on during the weekend

Well there is SO MUCH happening over the weekend including The 3 Peas Markets (who are sponsoring and attending the event) with over 60 funky and creative food, art, and clothing stalls, chill out areas, musicians and highlighting this years event will be the Tag Team, where teams will be wearing bras! Even the boys!

What does this event mean to you personally?

This event and its cause are so close to my heart as three years ago my mum was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. It was the hardest and most horrible thing to see her go through so much with the surgery, weeks of radiation, months of chemo as well as becoming so ill from the whole process. She was so brave, strong and positive all the way through her journey and I admire her so much for how positively she dealt with such a trying experience. What a woman!! I am overjoyed to say she kicked Breast Cancers butt and I am beyond thankful for her every day!! Also, my Grandmother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently fighting it. Having my mother and grandmother go through all of this and seeing its impact on them and the whole family has fueled me to want to do something to help. Bringing in my new found love and appreciation of surfing through my partner Marlenn, and doing something to bring great awareness and raise the much needed funds to help beat breast cancer means so much to me. I am overjoyed with the amount of support we are receiving for this event and I hope this comp will lead to an annual successful event to really help make a huge difference!

If people want to compete how can they get involved?

To compete in Tubes4Boobs please fill out the entry form here and submit it to [email protected]

And if they want to come onboard as a sponsor or donate items or money? How can they do this?

Through our facebook page you can donate or become a fundraiser. All funds will go straight to Pink Ribbon. The highest fundraiser will receive a custom made hot pink Carverley Surfboard and there are yet to be other prizes announced!

Sponsorships are crucial for an event to be successful! Any amount of help is welcome and appreciated from donations to products or vouchers for our raffle.


If you would like more detailed information on levels of sponsorship please email us at [email protected]

Now where can we find you online?



Email: [email protected]

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