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Finisterre, not content with clothing, wetsuits and premium outerwear have taken another foray into the accessories market in the form of their first torch. But this isn’t any ordinary torch, this is an M&S… Sorry wrong company…

We spoke to head designer Todd to find out the thinking, design and construction of their brand new Waterproof Adventure Light.

They are a bit unwieldy and we found ourselves constantly changing batteries

“The idea behind it was to create something totally different to what was on offer. We had a Maglite which we took on our trips and those things are great, but they are a bit unwieldy and we found ourselves constantly changing batteries. This isn’t a problem as standard AA batteries are available the world over, but if you want to create something a bit more environmentally friendly then you need to step away from disposables.”

Exposure Lights

The Adventure Light has been machined in the UK by Exposure Lights an expert in marine lighting

“We went through a few iterations until we came down to the final version. The original was much bigger but we wanted to work around the EDC theory (Every Day Carry)”

“The key thing that makes this light unique is the fact that it can be used as a standard torch, as a head torch, then it has a clip-on diffuser so it can also be used as a lantern. The other great thing is that the rechargeable battery lasts for ages and it come with a spare that you can leave on charge via the included USB lead. The battery is super-small and holds power much better than standard rechargeables.”

“Did I mention that it was bright also, perhaps too bright, it’s damn near blinding, but luckily you can turn that down easily”

Finisterre teamed up with fellow UK company Exposure Lights to work on the 100% British built product.

“Exposure Lights is an extension from a company called Ultimate Sports Engineering. They started out as a bike component maker who are world renowned within the mountain bike market. They still make components but are more suited to super-pro road cycling. Exposure Lights was their foray into the bike light market which proved incredibly successful and they now lead in that market.”

“Marine gear was a natural progression for them as the light did more than withstand the rain! These guys really took the industry by storm.” Todd told us

The company behind Exposure lights is a big player in the biking market

The company behind Exposure Lights is a big player in the biking accessories and lighting market

As well as working with Finisterre, Exposure Lights also produce gear for the German coastguard amongst others and their marine lighting is proper deep-sea dive rated. The Adventure light is good for a dive down to 100m and packs out an impressive 150 lumens on full blast although as discussed that may not always be necessary.

Todd let us in on their initial conversations which kicked off with the team from Exposure Lights apologising for their shortcomings

Don’t have a go at me but I’m a kite surfer! We all wear and love your stuff though

“The first thing they said when we started was – ‘Don’t have a go at me but I’m a kite surfer! We all wear and love your stuff though'” Todd laughed

“The fact that we could manufacture in the UK with a company that are not only a market leader, but also one that were setting the standards was a big hook” he added

We quizzed Todd on the heady £90 price tag

“As with everything you get what you pay for, I know that your local sports warehouse will have a Maglite knock-off for less then a pint of beer but how long will it really last? Then you have to factor in the price of batteries”

“This torch is built to last a lifetime, it is machined in the UK to the highest standard and every component is fully replaceable. It really will last.

Want to get your hands on the Waterproof Adventure Light? Head over to the Finisterre site now

waterproof adventure light

The finished product and carry case


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