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If you are one of a growing number of forward thinking office workers who choose to stand while at your desk while you work you will already be reaping the health benefits that purportedly come with this 21st century stance on cubicle culture.

As always though there is no gain without pain and standing for too long a period brings with it its own detrimental risks including feet and back pains.

Fortunately all that could be due to end with a surf inspired ‘fully adjustable, air-spring platform’ that is literally racing down on their $100,000 target on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

The name is Wurf – a combination of ‘work’ & ‘surf’ apparently

The name is Wurf Board (a combination of the words ‘work’ & ‘surf’ apparently) and the team behind it are convinced this blow-up board is a game changer as a ‘platform that takes away impact on a hard surface’. The board is made from drop stitched PVC which is almost identical to the modern inflatable SUPs but with added durability to take on the challenge of outdoor footwear being forced into it over many years of abuse.

“The cool thing about this material is that it uses high strength stands of fibers that span the distance between the top and bottom surfaces and this allows the material to be inflated while keeping the top and bottom surfaces flat.” the Jump Sport team behind the product announced.

Jump Sport has a background in playful fitness products like trampolines and was founded 18 years ago.

“Our goal [for the Wurf Board] was to create an energising trampoline like surface that provides superior support yet feels lively under your feet. We stand on our boards at least four hours a day, they have to be really durable – we engineer and build our boards to last a lifetime” Mark Publicover the ‘chief bounce creator’ of Jump Sport said about the Wurf Board.

To find out more visit their kickstarter here.



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