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One year ago a Canadian startup Spivo unleashed their product on an unsuspecting Kickstarter looking to raise $30,000 to put their camera accessory stick on the market.

The campaign got off to good a start, however they only managed to get around half the money pledged needed meaning they unfortunately did not receive a single dollar.

Having failed miserably with Kickstarter, but feeling there was still a demand in the market, founders Marc Bjerring and Andre Bellerive, alongside an angel investor, went with their gut and decided to take the risk of financing the project on their own.

Spivo Stick is a handheld camera mount that allows anyone with an action camera, smart­phone, or point­-and-shoot camera to have full control whether the camera is facing towards or away.

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Now, one year later, Spivo Stick sales have gone global, selling in over 52 countries.

Working with industry influencers the has team assembled a brand ambassador crew including Olympic Silver ­medalist Devin Logan, and professional skier Rory Bushfield (husband of the late Sarah Burke) who recently parachuted out of a helicopter with his Spivo Stick. See the footage here.

Here is the Spivo in action hunting out a secret spot in the UK. Note the good choice of Alder wetsuit from our friends over in Devon.

So, despite its slightly odd name, it looks like the Spivo stick is here to stay and no doubt the Canadian team will be turning more heads with the rest of their product range.

To find out more head over to Amazon 

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