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quik_thumbYou get no points for saying you thought Slater would have his own clothing label. Everyone figured that. What is surprising is the time it’s taken to announce something and the (slightly) lack lustre way in which he’s done it.
Once it was clear that his departure from Quiksilver, after 23 years, wasn’t an April fools joke we all assumed that he would have a new decal on the nose of his board heading into the Bells event if not, then obviously by the Rio. But nothing…


Then in September, just as we’ve got used to the silence –
‘It’s been a long time coming and I’m proud to let you know that the clothing brand I’ve been working on has launched our ‘Handshake Website’ at this morning. Our team, lead by designer John Moore and supported by our strategic partner, The Kering Group, are tirelessly working on a brand that blends the relationship between style, sustainability, and travel. I believe we have an obligation to build better products and understand the way our consumption impacts the world around us. In saying that, the focus of our brand is to make a product that has a positive effect on every possible level. I look forward to telling you more as the brand develops and beginning today you can follow our daily feed at @Outerknown to learn more. #Outerknown #BeLikeWater #LaunchingFall2015’

So what do we know?
Well King Kelly’s partner is none other than Californian designer John Moore who worked on the VSTR line for Quiksilver. Apparently the two hit it off and this is where OuterKnown begins.


What else? Well, taking a leaf out of Yvon Chouinard’s book they are going for something more sustainable. In fact think Patagonia and that seems to be the industry paradigm they’re going for.
“As global citizens, we have an obligation to build better products and understand the way our consumption impacts others. I am constantly traveling and observing the multi-cultural world we live in, and Outerknown is a brand that references my travels and stands for the values I believe in.”– Kelly Slater, Founder and Global Ambassador #Outerknown #FindyourOuterknown #JourneytoTransparency #thisisacleanslate @kellyslater (photo captured on the road by @morganmaassen)

It’ll be high end like ‘Pata-gucci’ too

Anything else?
We can expect it to hit the US market in Autumn next year and that even if you can’t afford it you’ll buy a piece, you know you will.



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