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One of the most interesting events in the alternative surfboard design calendar is the Fish Fry, the event is run by LokBox Fin Company and is open to every inquisitive surfer and every shaper, so if you’re bringing your very first board or your 10,000th board your welcome to participate in this annual event.

This event opens a window to the underground surf culture, and allows shapers and surfers to spend some time with other like minded shapers and surfers from all over Europe and the USA to experiment and share there knowledge, designs and interpretations of the ‘Fish’.

The Fish Fry started in California 2006. The idea was to spread the design and to avoid it getting lost in time. The results have been very positive; the growing interest in the fish design has spread the event overseas to places like Australia, Japan and Europe.

For 30 years, the ‘Fish’ design has fascinated many surfers and artisans because of its shape, performance and feeling transmitted to the surfer. Some surfers consider it a mythic design and for the cultural atmosphere the boards have created transforming it into a cult object.

AB3 stands for…anything but 3 i.e fins! Single fins, fish, quads, bonzers a go go, etc No thrusters!

For further details on exhibiting surfboards or visiting contact:
Mick – 01825 721 117 / 07968 175 021
Email : [email protected] | facebook

The 6th annual European Fish Fry/AB3 is back

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