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Suitable for GoPro and small cameras alike is the X-Steady Lite from Xsories. If you are looking to do away with camera shake and get a more professional finish for your footage then this is the product for you.

From the first opening of the box you can tell this is a quality product, Xsories have done a great job with the packaging and the overall finish on the X-Steady is top class. The feel of the rig is comfortable and the build solid. The handle has a decent soft grip into which is set the built-in balance bubble – the key to getting your shots silky smooth.

XSteady Lite review

The X-Steady Lite is well packaged although it doesn’t come with its own specific carry case

Setting it up

This was an absolute doddle, we have played around with a few stabiliser rigs before and the Xsories model was by far the easiest to get up and running with. There are two extra weights that simply unscrew and the bottom adjustable balance is the jewel in the crown with a clean slide adjust to get the camera sitting right with ease. Simply tweak the bottom adjustable balance until the spirit level sits sweet with your particular camera and you are good to go. The gimbal (The brass pivoted support bit that allows the rotation) is super smooth keeping and does a good job of keeping the camera steady when moving.

Line up the spirit level on the rig and you know you are done

Line up the spirit level on the rig and you know you are done


We trialled a few simple tests both with and without the X-Steady. Walking/running and panning are the times when you notice camera jerk the most. The rig made light work of both of these and while you don’t feel like there is much gain when you are in the moment, when you take the time to watch it back the difference is obvious.

The facts

  • Max Load 500g – You could just get away with a small DSLR but most will be too big
  • Dimensions – 230 x 150 x 30 mm
  • Weight – 440g including counterweights
  • Back panel – 1/4 Universal screw
  • Side panel – Soft EVA grip, integrated bubble level, infinite counter-weight adjustment
  • Included: 3x counterweights


  • The set-up is so simple and the camera is super easy to balance. No wasting time fiddling and tweaking weights and more time getting the quality shot you are after.
  • We have mentioned the build quality already but it really does excel and it feels like a product that will last a long time.
  • If you are walking, running, skating or generally moving to get your shot you will definitely get a much better result
X-steady lite

Locked and loaded – Add the camera, tweaks the weight and you are good to go


  • The weight restriction is just short of handling DSLR size cameras, Xsories have the solution for these too though but you will need the next version up in their range. This bigger model will be too big for your smaller cameras though.
  • This isn’t the cheapest steady-cam rig on the market (but neither is it the most expensive).
  • It doesn’t come with a carry bag or box but the original packaging could be used to keep it in good condition when not in use.

The X-Steady Lite costs £79.99 to find out more visit Xsories website

Or watch this video which gives you a break down of the key product features

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