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Remake, Reimagining, Reboot, Ridiculous. What ever you call them they always seem to be like the original but shitter. The New Point Break trailer has emerged on the internet and nobody, it seems, is too happy with how it’s looking.

Bodhi and crew are no longer surfers who do a bit of sky diving and bank robbery on the side. They are now ‘extreme athletes’ so wingsuits and snowboards are the flavour of the day. It looks like they’ve all stuck a can of Red Bull up their arses and let loose.

It looks like they’ve all stuck a can of Red Bull up their arses and let loose

It’s a shame they’ve lost some of the most iconic parts of the original, like the dead president masks and Gary Busey. It fact, it looks like they’ve just taken the Fast and Furious model and replaced fast cars with extreme sports. One of the original film’s charms was that we saw Keanu Reeves learn to become a surfer, in the reboot it seems the protagonist always has all the gear AND some idea.

But there are things to be hopeful about. Maybe we will see Ray Winstone surfing, and Bodhi’s accent sounds like it could be fun. Especially when he says “The only law that matters is gravity”, it sounded like he visited three continents in one sentence.

We can but hope that it will deliver although the signs aren’t looking good, but I think time has been kind to the original. We shouldn’t forget it included gems like this;

It’s not like they have remade Citizen Kane!

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