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Life on the road is fruitful if you have the time and the dedication. Luckily the joys of having free time on your hands can pay dividends, especially if a Thurso trip is on the cards. Frigid? Most definitely… Pumping? You bet…

Alasdair Evans gives us the lowdown on the roadtrip that dissects Scotland.

“As part of the Edinburgh University Surf Club we run a trip each semester up to Thurso. There’s a small group of us that like to head up early in the week if there’s any swell around and luckily for us there was.

That night was spent in a freezing cold bothy with the aim to wake up for a dawny

“A group of us set off Wednesday night to get that head start. That night was spent in a freezing cold bothy with the aim to wake up for a dawny. An alarm call before sunrise saw us on our way to Thurso East where we arrived at first light to discover there was already two guys in the water with some solid sets marching through.

“Everyone jumped straight in and scored some waves. We were joined by a few of the local rippers too. All the waves in this video were filmed in a three hour period and it was great fun watching everyone pick-up some excellent runs. The edit consists of a few guys from our club and the locals too.

“We stayed for the rest of the weekend after that and had a memorable time with great waves and great people. The north coast of Scotland never fails to impress!”

Words, images and video Alasdair Evans



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