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wherrytown The Marine Debris Typeface project is a study of found local vernacular letterforms and is part of an ongoing investigation info Type and Place.

Marine Debris Typeface from Dion Star on Vimeo.

An attempt to subvert the relationship between production and waste, with the creation of a working font through the chance discovery of marine litter.

The found type highlights the need to design out waste and calls for design to play a more integral role in the circular economy. The twenty six letters work not only as a graphic notation of language, but also as a comment on the environmental challenge of disposable manufacturing.

Create some rules and see where it goes…

How many pieces of Marine Debris will I need to pick up on Wherrytown Beach before I find the 26 letters of the alphabet?


• Pick up any piece of Marine Debris that is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. (No bottles, cans, plastic bags, crisp packets or chocolate wrappers).
• No manipulation of the objects.
• Stop collecting when I have all 26 letters.
• Document all that I find.

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