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Introducing WAX Magazine issue 4Issue #4 of the bi-annual print publication WAX Magazine is out now.

Featuring legendary surfer Wayne Lynch on the boredom of competition, artist Matthew Brannon on unlikability, longboarding Champion Schuyler McFerran on community building, gallerist Lisa Spellman on Chelsea in the Nineties, photographer John Lehr looking at Fall light, the beauty of women’s wetsuits by David Brandon Geeting, Derek Hynd on Far Field Free Friction, thoughts on Fin History by Mikey DeTemple, Asger Carlsen as shot by Adam Kremer, and more, with intermittent distractions from the Fluxus movement.


WAX Magazine — Issue #4 Trailer from Wax Magazine on Vimeo.

Issues 2, 3 & 4 Package
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You’re invited! Stay tuned for the Issue #4 and website launch party in early 2014!

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