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With little under half a year since their official launch Finisterre has decided to hang up their wetsuit range.

Not content with a run-of-the-mill solution for hanging their wetsuit in storage and after surfing, Finisterre have created a bespoke hanger specifically designed for their needs. And the order for this new product came from the very top as the product was designed from the ground up by Finisterre owner Tom Kay.

Working with existing hanger experts Dritek, the Finisterre team have taken an ‘everyday, disposable item and created an innovative and versatile wetsuit hanger’ that, according to the marketing blurb ‘will last a lifetime.’

As it is a two-sided design it had to be specifically built and strengthened to take the load of hefty wet wetsuits. The hanger was designed in Newquay, prototyped with Falmouth Uni and finally made in Scotland from recycled plastic.


The key unique points of the hanger allow for fast and easy hanging that doesn’t misshape the material by stressing the shoulder fabric, this in turn will prolong the the life of the wetsuit.

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The unique two sided design means hanging up is very easy – just slide it in rather than fighting with a wet wetsuit. Folding the wetsuit in half allows the water to drain down both sides which assists in faster drying and also take up less vertical space when hanging.

The heavyweight karabina is foam covered to protect any damage to metal surfaces and this is attached to a strong adjustable webbing strap for multiple hanging heights.

“The hangers are selling well.” Natalie Beck marketing manager of Finisterre told us.

“And I’m not just saying this, but everyone I know who has one has actually gone out of their way to tell me how good it is!” She added.

Want to hang you suit in style? Then head over to Finisterre now…



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