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Just about every subject or hobby now has apps to make it easier to learn or to keep users informed with updates. Surfing is no exception to this rule and a swell of apps have sprung up to make the hobby more enjoyable. Catch the perfect waves or relax in your downtime with these nifty apps for your smartphone but don’t take them into the water with you!

We all know how hard it is to find that perfect wave, as it is the result of a whole lot of geological turmoil. The weather, tide and even the moon influence how the riding will be on any given day – thankfully the NOAA Buoy and Tide Data app is here to help.

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This takes all of these factors into account and collates them into an easy to read report, so you can pick the best days to go out there. The data all comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Buoy Center, so surfers know it is reliable to say the least. This app will even tell you the temperature of the water! This will come in handy for those that tend to jump into the water before checking just how cold it is.


For those rainy days where you just can’t get out on the water here is something else for the fun hungry surfer – cheersbingo. This is an excellent alternative to watching Surfs Up yet again, as it gives its users an adrenaline rush to tide them over to the next swell. Spinning their prize wheel will even have you holding your breath as if you were underwater!

Surfing has the potential to be a dangerous hobby, so you should always check weather warnings before you head out on the day. The Beachsafe app will keep you one step ahead of the game, as it shows hazards, dangerous weather and choppy waters. Many surfing accidents are preventable with the correct information, so read up and protect yourself out there.


Coastal communities can be plagued with litter left behind by the surfing community, which gives us all a bad name. Surfr lets you share your adventures with your fellow enthusiasts but you can donate to charities while you do so. The app acts like a middle man, so you can snap a picture of a littered beach and they’ll get in touch with a charity that will sort it out. If you want to you can choose to donate to the project and share the need for donations with others in the community.

Photo sharing platforms like Instagram are all fine and well for showing off pictures of food but there’s an app especially for surfing photos. goFlow measures the wave height, location and even allows others to rate the image for an all-round ideal app. This is tailored to surfers but you can share your snaps on more generic social media platforms through this app too, you might even inspire someone new to the sport.

Surfers who want to improve their craft can check out iSurfer to see the latest techniques and news. Surfing is often referred to as an art and a sport, so hone your skills by watching others in instructional videos on this app. You might not end up painting the Mona Lisa but there are a few tips in there that will definitely refine your technique.

This includes everything from warm up exercises and stances to ways to cool down after an intense session. It is suitable for all levels and every surfer could learn a few things from the information within this app. One particular area of this app that is worth a special mention is the injury section, as it comes with advice on the most common injuries. It will tell you whether to stretch out that strained ankle or rest up that torn ligament, whichever is best for the injury.

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