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If you’re not from the coast and are heading down to the beach for your first surf lesson, you’ll obviously have questions. This is good! If you don’t ask you’ll never know. However, there are a few things that if said, will make your surf instructor want to laugh and cry in equal measure.

So as a heads up, here are ten things we’ve been asked in the past that you should definitely avoid saying:

•    What time do the waves start?

•    Why is the beach much bigger than when I was last here?

•    Can you still surf in the rain?

•    Which way do you surf? Out to sea or towards the beach?

•    Can you see America from here?

•    Do you put wax on the top or bottom of the surfboard?

•    I read that there are Basking Sharks in Cornwall…has anyone ever got stuck in their mouths?

•    Do the waves get smaller as you go deeper?

•    Will I get wet hair in the water?

•    Is the water always this salty?


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