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You have been backed really strongly by the BBC recently. Has that changed things for you?

Jed– Yeah, it has, we can definitely tell when we play shows now which tunes have been hammered on the radio because people respond to them just a little but more than the other ones.

Pete– But any support’s good!

When will your new album be out?

Jed- At the end of the year! We’ve just finished recording it in Nashville, which was great.

Sunset Sons

Tell me about Nashville

Pete- Well, It was very cold when we were there. Warmed up a lot now so it would probably be a lot nicer! But the team there were awesome.

Rob– We miss the food a lot!

Jed– I’ve been on a diet since we got back because it was too much. We were there for like 7 weeks in total.

We’re really interested in your surfing, where are your favourite breaks?

Pete– We’ve been surfing across from my house in Hossegor for the last couple of days and it’s been really good. I can get changed on my balcony and run straight across the road to surf and then straight back to shower super easily.

Rory– I think because I’ve surfed there so much, that’s probably my favourite break, but I also like Les Estagnots near Hossegor.

Jed– My favourite break is North East England, Somewhere near Newcastle. I can’t tell you where it is though….

Brave choice!

Well I grew up surfing up there so I’m kind of used to it. France is just warmer.

What boards have you been riding recently?

Pete– All sorts really, It’s been pretty small at home so we’ve been riding longboards and we took all the foamies out for a muck-around session the other day. But it got bigger on our last day so we were back on our normal shortboards.

Jed– I bought a nice 5’7 the other day.

Who’s the best surfer?

Rory– We can’t answer that question!

Pete– Whoever has the most fun.

Sunset Sons

Good answer Pete. We saw some pictures of Jed surfing at Thurso recently, did you all go on that trip?

Pete– Yeah, we played a gig up there and we just so happened to get perfect conditions. It was absolutely amazing! But it was probably the coldest water I’ve ever surfed in.

Rory– We basically drove nine hours to do one gig and ended up staying there for 3 days. And everyone was hammered. We did a sound check at like 3 O’clock in the afternoon, which was five hours earlier than we were meant too because we wanted to have another surf.

So do you prefer surfing or snowboarding?

All– Surfing!

Pete– Although snowboarding is a really good when there are not many people. I dig it. Not as much as surfing though.

Jed– Personally for me, the only reason I learnt to snowboard was because we went to the Alps because we knew there were places we could play and make money. So because we were there for so long, snowboarding was just something to do.

Have you always rocked this surf / rock / beard look?

Jed– Pete’s had the same clothes on since I met him! Literally since the day I met him, he’s dressed exactly the same. No one looks any different.

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