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Droog79 is the alter-ego of a salty-faced, suburbia-fleeing, inky-fingered, board-propelled artist, illustrator, designer and lawn bowls aficionado. We’ll let the prints speak for themselves.

Droog’s weird and wandering work via ink, paint, pixels, words or just a line in the sand has festooned walls, bodies, beaches, posters, windows, shopfronts, skate and surfboards, phones, laptops, canvas, clothing and publications from Milton Keynes to Mexico.

It is an engorged outlet for a precariously overactive brain, imaginative escapism from the daily grind, influenced by everything he has ever seen, read or heard.

Droog79 Landscape prints

Born and bred ship-shape and Bristol fashion, his imagination was first fired by other-worldly 1970s animation, dark Roald Dahl tales, Bob Dylan lyrical ticks, 80s computer games and punky skateboard flicks. He started to skate and scribble at an early age, soaking up all the sights, sounds and bizarre characters that trundling and doodling in dark corners of the city streets entails.

Having discovered surfing and so moving ever seaward, he studied 3D Design in Devon before moving to Brighton and trying all sorts of jobs from furniture-making to youth work via journalism, running a designer-maker shop and teaching bowls on the genteel lawns of Hove.

Droog79 Portrait prints

Finally overcome by a nagging wanderlust, in 2008 he sold everything he owned and left Blighty to see what he could see. Since then he has been roving the globe, teaching kids bad Bristolian English, falling off waves, fighting culture shock, filling sketchbooks, and generally assaulting all his five senses and his common sense to boot.

Contact him directly about buying his work. You’ll find him hanging out virtually at:

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