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**Winner announced** Congratulations go to Stewart Miller who is now the proud owner of the Huckberry tent. Our apologies for the delay in announcing this, we had a spot of bother tracking down Stewart who gives a heartfelt explanation a little further down in the comments!
Thanks to all for entering and your patience. Check back for more great competitions and offers from Drift & Huckberry…


Drift has partnered with Huckberry to give away a brand spankin’ new 1-Man Poler Tent to one lucky reader! With exclusive sales and original story-telling, Huckberry is the place to go to for quality new original gear that you won’t find elsewhere.

1. Head over to and sign up as a member.All you need to do is enter your email address and a password, or connect with your Facebook account. Zero commitment. Trust us when we say that you’ll wonder how you got by without their fantastic curated selection of products from amazing brands around the world.

2. Leave one comment on this post anytime between now and 07 July. You are limited to one entry. International readers are welcome to enter! We will pick one winner at random from the comments section of this post. The contest winner will be posted on 10 July. The winner will have one week to email [email protected] to claim their prize!


More about the awesome Poler Tent
Lightweight aluminium poles pop together like magic. Soak in the stars or snap on the fly to keep the raindrops out. Oversized so you have plenty of room to sit up and change your clothes or do yoga. Keep dirty boots and other stuff nice and dry under the vestibule. The fly has an eye for checking the weather.
• Versatile modular doorway
• Taped and sealed seams
• 3000mmm Waterproof coating
• Includes down line, tent stakes, and a repair patch kit
• Eye shaped window allows a view of the weather and stars




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  • Felix

    This tent looks great! Just the ticket since my friend trashed my Quecha!

  • Jack

    Oh please let me win! I’m off to cornwall in August and need a tent and this would be just the best!

  • phil swan

    Fantastic Prize


    Best of luck to all entrants to the competition, I hope the winner enjoys this quality prize

  • O. Smith

    Love the Huckberry stuff! It’d be sweet to win this tent.

  • Ann Smith

    Its got my name on it! mr pola just to the left.

  • Victoria Cattanach

    Fantastic prize!! Ideal for our summer holiday!!

  • Anthony G

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for… 🙂

  • Vivien Baird

    Fantastic prize, thank you

  • Edward Guerreiro

    I signed up. Thanks for the competition.

  • Sarah Lamb

    Looks great, I like the eye shaped window feature.

  • Clare Martin

    The tent looks great, would be ideal for next time I go camping!

  • Tracey Woods

    great looking tent

  • Bernie

    Perfect tent for my planned adventures

  • steve swider

    great tent fingers crossed

  • Hayley Wakenshaw

    I WILL manage to get Glasto tickets next year (failed two years in a row) and I will need an awesome tent that will stand out in a sea of humdrum bivvies. This one!

  • John Grant

    Purdy tent, me likes!

  • Dale Askew

    had to throw my tent in the bin after camping trip this weekend :o(

  • Johan Ellermann

    Oh I’d love to win this !

  • Stuart Sheehy

    great prize

  • Todd

    The more you reason, the less you create.

  • Matt b

    Thanks for pointing us in the direction of huckberry , great stuff for playtime!

  • Glenn

    What a great looking tent. The best part (of a 1 man tent) is that I can’t take my family camping. 😉

  • jae baker

    the beach, the stars, the surf, perfect

  • Hassni

    I could do with one of these.

  • Christine Johnson

    Brilliant tent, perfect for all kinds of camping. how tents have changed over the years, can remember my first tent, made of canvas and took a day to put up

  • Great reason to hit the hills.

  • stefan

    could be very useful such a tent 😉

  • Debby

    This tent would be perfect for those last minute stay-overs, for fishing by the lake, days on the beach, and short trips – and don’t have to share with anyone! Fingers crossed hoping for a little bit of luck to come my way now.

  • Paula Readings

    Makes you want to get your pole out & have a bash! ;0

  • Emma H

    That’s a nice tent, someone is going to have a great camping trip.

  • They sell some great stuff

  • Chris Wilson

    Would be great for my summer trips to the Lakes

  • Stephanie Acton

    Looks fab. Would love to win

  • Hannah Ingham

    What a great prize!

  • joanne mccarthy

    Looks awesome in the pic! PErfect for all my festivals coming up 🙂 Last years tent fell victim to Reading 🙁 and was left behind as it was a lost cause !

  • stewart miller

    Great looking tent, with some fab features, especially the eye in the sky for night time star gazing 😉

  • Pm Liu

    This is a nice tent, would love this

  • scottC

    Great prizse – just have to find somewhere dark

  • P J Bates

    Love this – what a great prize! Everything crossed 🙂

  • Claire Lawrenson

    Signed up. Would be a great start to camping family holidays to come 🙂

  • Claire Eadie

    Great prize x

  • ian b

    Graet prize…would love this 🙂

  • Sarah Prightingale

    We would love to start camping as a family, so this tent would be perfect 🙂

  • Fern

    My one-man is looking very dog-eared so this would be a fab win!

  • Monika Pietruch

    I love camping. Fab prize!

  • Liam Stevens

    This would be awesome for Global Gathering!! 😀

  • Peter

    Love It!!

  • aleem virani

    awesome giveaway thank you very much! Fantastic adventures ahead!

  • Jack

    Would love this please!!! 🙂

  • Nick Palmer

    There seems to be a lot of people who are going to try and fit more than 1 person into this 1-man tent if they win. But hey, each to their own. Keep up the good work Drift and Huckberry.

  • Matt Atherton

    Great giveaway guys!

  • Catherine Corr


  • Jamie Bale

    I would like this tent…

  • simone lee

    super tent good luck to all



  • Laura Carrol

    Awesome giveaway, this would come in so useful 🙂

  • Tom Fowler

    Brilliant! I just moved up around the Appalachian Trail and have been looking for good gear to go on backpacking trips… Product looks great, I’d love to use and promote the site! @GlobalHealthTom

  • Georgia McAllister

    Great prize, my son wrecked ours so this would be perfect.

  • taja mckenzie

    would love this prize always wanted to go camping since i was a child.

  • Sheila Sloan

    Fab tent. Useful for family weekends.

  • Cathryn Bowen

    A great way to see the english countryside

  • Claire Barker

    Signedr up to Huckberry with f/b good stuff there!

  • Robert Harrison

    Would love to win this prize

  • cecelia Allen

    Would love this, reckon me and mate could top & tail in here for the Bestival too. would be perfect.

  • Keshia Esgate

    Signed up 🙂

  • Mark Palmer

    Great prize

  • Kim Mulcahy

    Just signed up, would love to win this to replace our leaky old one!

  • Allan

    Would love to win, signed up

  • Matthew Fuller

    Great prize!

  • Pam Hutchinson Kelly

    Fingers crossed brill

  • judy parslow

    thankyou for your great giveaway have signed up

  • Calley Bryson

    Signed up …would love this as going camping in august

  • Mark Johnson

    great comp

  • Lisl

    The size of the Huckberry X Drift 1man poler tent is great and the vestibule feature is a real plus – no-one likes wet boots on their sleeping bag!!

  • Paula Phillips

    Great prize thanks.

  • laura samantha avery

    Looks great, need a new tent mines 10 years old and second hand lol. All signed up x

  • susan willshee

    that photo of the tent just sums up what camping is all about. Sitting peacefully, watching the sun set. No distractions, no crowds, just peace and quiet 🙂

  • Alisa Moore

    Love the idea of the ‘eye’

  • Mel O’Riordan

    Fabulous prize! Great for getting out and about this Summer!

  • stewart miller

    Just to satisfy those wondering who won, it was me 🙂 The original email telling me of the prize had disappeared into the netherlands of my email inbox -courtesy of my son who had been messing around with my usual email settings while messing with the computer- before i had had chance to see it, so i was unaware that i had won. Until today when i received a follow up email asking wether i had received the original (which obviously i had not personally received it and didn’t know about it) It was only after confirming my details to Tom that i went looking to see why i had not received the original and found it hidden away well below the emails i had already been through and disappearing fast into the confusion that my email inbox had become (thank you son!). Sorry to dis-appoint all you out there with your fingers crossed that you might yet be the winner, but i thought i owed tom and driftsurfing the explanation to which i have now posted to you all to avoid them having to explain it themselves.

  • judy parslow

    who won ?