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Escapism, we look for it and we know when we find it, usually sat round a campfire, miles from normality, warm company and cold-brew in hand, embers flying. That’s true Escapism to us…

That longing sense to get lost and go in search of adventure that never leaves, a constant desire to get off grid, wander, travel to connect with people and nature.


These elements have been at the heart of Passenger from the beginning. Many of us look to escape, whether it’s the nine to five, cold winter’s or escaping our daily routines even if its just for a short while or a weekend adventure.

Escapism can even be a state of mind. It’s about getting lost in a memory, the ocean, the mountains and forest or just listing to music on the road allowing the mind to wander. It’s about getting away from where you have to be, to where you want to be.


Chasing waves and road tripping or getting lost in the elements, the crackle of a campfire or fresh snow in the morning, this is what we like to escape to.

We’re inspired by stories of like-minded people and we love sharing them. That feeling found every time we tell or read an ‘oh man you should have been there’ story.

Our mission is to help people escape through their own journey even it’s only for a short while. Everything we do is inspired by the desire to live a life of memorable adventures – big or small, short or long.


It has never been about destinations for us but rather the journeys that lead us there and the memories we make along the way.

Our products reflect this desire and everything we live for. We pay attention to the smallest details and design them to transport us from the daily grinds but still usable for everyday life.

Stories of escapism are woven into the fabric of our products and each design tells a different one, the smell of a campfire on a beanie or the sweat-stain on a favourite t-shirt.


We design all our clothes with this in mind, hoping that another story will be made with each one. We believe that what you wear reflects who you are and that’s important to us.

Escapism isn’t just about quitting jobs and travelling to far off destinations, we all have commitments, families, responsibilities, It’s about opting out for a short while and finding the ways that allow us to do this, unplug, recharge, escape and make a new story.


We call the people who inspire us Passengers and they are our escapologists. Like us, they are constantly seeking adventure and the freedom that can bring. We want to inspire people to find their own paths, push their boundaries and embrace their own journey whatever that might be.

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Passenger – Inspired by Travel, Music & Salt Water, Embrace the Journey

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