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You may need to rethink that as a 30-year-old South African is on the cusp of stepping into the coveted Guinness Book of World Records with a monster session lasting 30 hours and 11 minutes, catching a whopping 431 waves.

Josh Enslin broke the record at Pollock Beach in Port Elizabeth by a close 40 minutes. The previous record holder was set by American Ben Shaw at Kure Beach, North Carolina.

Guinness instructions to qualify for the event ensure that Josh was always active in the water, either riding a wave or paddling to the next one whether that is day or night.

“It felt awesome, it felt great. Individually I’m stoked for me and for our surf club I’m stoked. There was two objectives, one was an individual world record attempt and two our CYOH Charity Drive and both of them were achieved” Enslin said about the marathon.

“The toughest part for me was the 02:00 to 04:00 stretch. Conditions were freezing, fatigue had set in, and my body was freezing.” Enslin told

The world record is still waiting for official adjudication from Guinness but all video footage is pointing to a new and very hardcore world record holder.

Pollock Beach SA the scene of the marathon

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