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The Masked Ball, one of the UK’s most innovative dance parties, returns to Cornwall this Halloween with a bang. This year the event, which takes place in at Flambards Theme Park, Helston, Cornwall, on October 31, 2015 and will present the biggest names on the UK dance scene.

With less than four weeks to go until the event, Cornwall’s doyens of dance and debauchery have revealed over 75 acts across 12 arenas including MJ Cole, Eliphino, Coldcut’s Jon More, Nu:Tone, High Contrast, London Elektricity, Etherwood, Fred V & Grafix and more…

Click the image below to see the full lineup

Click the image to see the full lineup

The event marks nine years Masked Ball series with a huge 10th anniversary planned for next year. Year on year the events become and more creative. The Masked Ball team produce some of the most trailblazing, immersive music festivals and events in the UK. Enhanced by innovative audio-visual design, pyrotechnics and installations, theatrical performers and out-of-this world special effects, these events are captivating and fully interactive.

The venue will be transformed into an elaborate underground Halloween lair dedicated to everyone’s favourite ’80s vamps, ‘The Lost Boys’

For 2015, the team will transform the venue into an elaborate underground Halloween lair dedicated to everyone’s favourite ’80s vamps, ‘The Lost Boys’ with a dress code of fantastical horror. The long awaited 8th installment of the dance music festival will once again captivate fans from all over the UK, transporting them into imaginative and immersive film set of illusory horror.


Clubbers will be transported into a world of fantastical horror with rip-roaring fun to be had at every turn. In addition to showcasing some of today’s most renowned dance music artists from all over the world, the Halloween Ball will create a captivating playground of carnival rides and costumed performers for thousands clubbers.  A creative team has developed twelve arenas of gore-infested mayhem, brain busting anthems and much more…

Wandering through theme park at night, party-goers will stumble across 12 unpredictable nano-venues, eccentric humour and epic raves with a soundtrack of stellar drum and bass, New York disco and terrifying techno.


Drum and bass heavyweights Hospitality will shake the grand ballroom to its foundations, bringing the likes of High Contrast, London Elektricity, Etherwood, Danny Byrd, Fred V & Grafix,  Nu:Tone, Royalston and Hugh Hardie to the deepest and darkest reaches of Cornwall.

The twisted beats of electronica fill the mysterious Aztech stage – a spawning ground for the very latest electronic talent featuring MJ Cole, Boohl, Youth Culture DJs and Eliphino bringing the finest pumping house and garage.The-Masked-Ball1

While the bass rumbles in the dome, elsewhere the music is as diverse and varied to awaken the dead of all persuasions. Live psychedelia in the form of rock mentalists The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and The Strange Doors – the UK’s most authentic tribute to The Doors – sets the stage for the Feast of Fools where crazed clowns and demented dancers will work their black magic in a fairground of freaks.

The Asylum begs you to leave your sanity at the door and tune in to 12 hours of anthemic house madness

The Asylum begs you to leave your sanity at the door and tune in to 12 hours of anthemic house madness with vocal grooves and uplifting melodies from some of Cornwall’s finest DJs along with special guests from London’s underground scene.

Check in at the Vampire Hotel where the lobby is rocking with Coldcut’s Jon More, DJ Format, and DJ Suspect laying down the funk, soul and jazz. You’ll find a similar vibe at the Boardwalk Café, where Solid Steel’s DJ Cheeba and Chris Read will be joining Jelly Jazz.


For those who like their music darker and faster The Cave – a massive converted fairground ride – promises a furious techno pit to rattle the bones of the undead; featuring the likes of Silkworm, Carly Foxx and Simmer.

Over at The Bandstand, alternative theatre troupe Trifle Gathering presents a twisted showcase of deliciously dark performers. This freaky sideshow promises the shocking, the hysterical and the downright bizarre – so roll up and be prepared for some tales of the unexpected.


No Lost Boys extravaganza would be complete without a ’80s soundtrack. Fangz! is the nightclub that time forgot. It’s a club with a tattoo parlour, a tiki shack and cinema.

The delicious grooves continue at the Disco Diner where fallen angels slip into mirror-ball heaven, with an NYC-style party hosted by the beat freaks from Future Garden featuring Eric Duncan and Paramida.


Motorheads can get revved up at the Demon Drome, where a cast of outlandish characters bring the vintage thrills and spills of an original 1920s motordrome complete with a wall of death.

As the Lost Boys discovered, no two vampires die the same way – but Death by Stereo is always guaranteed to see them go out with a bang, or maybe even a bhangra as Sir Vinyl bring you the best reggae, dancehall and world carnival vibes with special guests Coco Taxi and Smutlee.


Masked Ball organiser Kelvin Batt said: ““We can’t wait to sink our fangs into this one, lost boy’s is a cult classic and the team have already been going all out to make this craziest ball yet, we’ve really gone to town with the whole theatre side of things, making flambards as emersive as possible!”

The Halloween Masked Ball takes place on Saturday, October 31, at Flambards Theme Park, Helston, TR13 0QA.

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