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Wow! What a great year it has been been at Drift HQ!
We have been involved with some truly amazing stories, the stoke has been insatiable and we have met a whole bunch of quality people.
We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who made this happen – be it reading our newsletters, contributing jaw-dropping content or just swinging by the site from time to time! You make it all worthwhile.
Without further ado, please enjoy the very best of Drift 2014 – These are the top stories from our ‘Daily’ section. Part two follows shortly with the very best of our features – it has been a cracking year…

Plans to convert derelict building into surfing hub

Tassy Swallow, a pro-surfer from Cornwall is planning to convert a run-down, abandoned military barracks into a state-of-the-art surf education project dedicated to the promotion and celebration of all things surf.

Crowd Surfing

Drift caught up with the team at ‘Kinda Fancy’ to discuss their crowdfunded Surf Bikinis, Jameson’s and boobies! It doesn’t get much better than this…

Fukushima Radiation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) addressing how the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in Japan is affecting the health and safety of those living along the Eastern Pacific (West Coast of the US and Canada).

An East Coast Dawn

The sun doesn’t rise on the east coast. It wobbles, wavering on the slate grey sky line as if contemplating just crawling back underneath the horizon for another day.

Finisterre’s Cold Water Knife – a cut above the rest
Finisterre went all out when designing the world’s first Cold Water Surf Knife with help from the Royal Family and British Army knife manufacturer Joseph Rodgers and Sons from Sheffield

The Stoke of Swedish Surf
When you think of surfing you might imagine perfect barrels, crystal clear waters and dolphins. When you think of Sweden, you probably think of meatballs, IKEA and green forests filled with blueberries and elks.


Surfing doesn’t only happen in the ocean, surf is where we find it

Great Lake surfing has been a carefully guarded secret for decades; times have since changed. The past few years have seen a flourishing surf community braving the harsh conditions to surf powerful wind swells in the freshwater seas of the cold north in America.

Man V’s Shark in Sydney Harbour

Not strictly surf, more sh*t your pants as this chap takes a dip at Manly’s Jump rock in Sydney and gets more than he bargained for.

The Secrets out at Dinosaur bay

I’m a lucky man. I grew up on a ragged, cracked part of the British coast where green sloping hills are severed by the sea, over thousands of years a geological smorgasbord of different sediments and strata’s have been whittled into windswept coves, dark broken bays and kelp forested reefs.

The devolution will not be televised…

After a cold Cornish dawn session, I sit watching perfect head high waves breaking from the back of my clapped out but faithful old van.

One Billion Rising

According to a statistic released by the UN, one in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.

Never meet your heroes – One day in J Bay

Twenty four hours is not enough. In fact it was less than that because we had to be in Bloemfontein for tea. A tragedy and a crime.

Lune de Miel

I’m not a betting man, but I’ll take a punt on a little luck and long odds over meticulous planning and “sure things” any day.

Uncrowded beach breaks in El Salvador

Local Jorge Dominguez gives Drift the run down on the new hotspots that offer crowd-free, long beach breaks with room for all.

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