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guiness_thumbJonathan Glazer’s 1999 advert for Guinness called ‘Surfer’ was the most awarded ad of the year when it was first broadcast. It was voted the best advert of all time in a Channel 4 and Sunday Times poll in 2002. You must remember it? It was like the only time you enjoyed an ad break, with its Leftfield sound track and amazing visual effects of actual white horses… it was undeniably stunning.


The advert was based on a painting by Walter Crane called “Neptune’s Horses” which looks like this;




And here is the advert in question…



Glazer made many great adverts and then went onto making great films like Sexy Beast and last year’s Under the Skin. Here’s hoping he decides to make a surf film!

Fun fact: Jonathan made an advert for Cadbury’s Flake in 2012 where they gave him a carte blanche to create something memorable, unfortunately the Birmingham Chocolatier freaked out when he made them this;


Flake – Jonathan Glazer from David Nichols on Vimeo.


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