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Swa-_thumbThe makers of Swap and Surf, a company enabling surfers worldwide to venture to far-flung locations by temporarily exchanging living space, have now expanded the idea to all other outdoor activities. is targeted at all manner of thrill seekers, including skiers, skaters, climbers etc.

When you note the ethos, it’s easy to see the attraction of a scheme such as this: locals are the best travel agents for those interested in outdoor activities. A paraglider will know where to fly depending on geological conditions, just as a local rock climber will know the best place to see the sunset. For those of us keen to find experiences off the beaten track, this is an incredibly enticing prospect.

Founded by two incredibly enthusiastic Frenchmen, Philippe Garms and Sylvain Garms (known affectionately as Big G and Small G), the original Swap and Surf site already has close to 1000 boarders connected in more than 60 countries. Users can simply sign up to fulfil surf trips overseas or locally by exchanging or renting their houses, apartments or boats, or offering accommodation to other members. Members are also able to list other items which may be of interest to potential swappers, such as cars, beach huts, jet-skis etc.



The concept of exchanging homes has proven incredibly popular since it was founded four years ago as it offers a solution to what many people wish to obtain: the opportunity to travel differently and find new places, all while lowering costs. The site has four main methods of exchanging accommodation and only one rule: all members are private individuals that manage their living spaces how the way they want. With the service helping members to save so much on accommodation costs, the new will provide limitless trip potential, enabling everyone to create trips to remember on a shoe-string budget.

The founders are currently seeking crowd-funding via IndieGogo to take the project to the next level. For more information and to help out with a small contribution, click here to visit the website



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