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surfpop_thumbSurfpop is an organisation that aims to establish a way out for children from disadvantaged communities, leading them away from gang culture, crime and drugs. The ‘way out’ entails a new outlook on life, brought about by the love for surfing and the ocean.

“We want to share surfing, and the lifestyle and culture it offers with others and have them experience the stoke. To make a positive difference in society by using surfing as a tool to change the lives of the Surfpop children, and make them ambassadors in their communities to help enlighten others.” Surfpop’s organiser Daniel Botha told Drift

“We want to give the children something to look forward to; give them hope; show them compassion; and most importantly, put massive smiles on their faces.” he added

To find out more about the good work of Surfpop visit or email [email protected]







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