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Usually found carving off the Cornish coastline, Cam Wickins is the big man keeping those Occy backhand attacks well and truly alive. Matt from Fuel 10k caught up with Cam on a recent trip to Indo to discuss what he loves about surfing at home and away.

Cam in the van, plenty of snacks to keep him match fit

Cam in the van, plenty of snacks to keep him match fit

Is this your first time surfing in Indonesia?

No, Indo was always the number one place I wanted to visit as soon as I was old enough to go myself. After visiting for the first time in 2014 It’s became one of my favourite surfing spots of all time. I love swapping the inconsistent waves of the UK for the mechanical waves of Indonesia. You can improve your surfing out here so fast when the waves are good, getting your hours in, plus you’re not wearing a 5mm wetsuit so that helps.

Indonesia is a surfer’s dream, what’s your favourite wave here?

Every wave here is amazing, but it has to be Yoyo’s in West Sumbawa. The empty line-up, the challenging waves and the beautiful scenery make it my ultimate favourite! It’s a hard wave to surf, especially on your backhand, but when you surf it right, the reward is a 100m perfect right-hander.

Surfing in Indo is bliss, what’s it like back home?

I am very lucky to live close to the small surfing village of St Merryn, where there are seven main beaches to choose from which turn on in all types of different conditions. My favourite has to be Constantine as it’s always fun no matter how big, small, onshore or offshore.

I have a tight group of friends that I grew up surfing with. We all started out as groms, surfing just for the fun of it, now we take it a bit more seriously, pushing each other to achieve bigger things. We are all at the age now where we can get up early, jump in one car, split the fuel costs and go searching for some waves.


What are your influences now and where do you find inspiration?

My main influences are my mates. We all influence each other in many different ways. I remember surfing with my friend Ben at Uluwatu on a big day and a monster closeout set came through which he called me into. I ate shit and ended up with a nice scar on my back from the reef.

If he hadn’t called me into it I wouldn’t have gone, which is why surfing with your mates is a lot more fun than surfing on your own, as you all end up influencing one another to do things you wouldn’t do alone. I am inspired by the top free surfers like Mikey wright, Dane Reynolds and Chippa Wilson because I enjoy watching their surfing as they all have unique styles compared to competitive surfers.

What’s the most extreme experience you have had when surfing?

I have been quite lucky with bad experiences whilst surfing (touch wood). I came pretty close to a Tiger Shark that decided to swim through a line up with just me and a couple of mates, which was probably the scariest experience. Seeing a creature of that size and knowing what it could do to you is pretty daunting.


How many hours a week do you spend in the water?

As many as I can, I must be close to my 10K now! If the surf is pumping I will surf for as long as my body lets me. I normally get up early grab some breakfast and hit it before the crowds. I make up porridge pots in my van when I get out so I can stay at the beach and check the banks and tide.

What’s your morning ritual?

On my days off as soon as I’m awake I check the surf online. Then I’ll go over to one of my mates’ houses and drag their arses out of bed and go down and make sure we are in the water at first light. I’m not a morning person but if the surf is pumping I’m up and raring to go. On a workday, I’ll try to get a surf in before I start, so I’m not extremely jealous of everyone else that can surf all day.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Obviously my mum and dad for supporting and funding the sport I love. My girlfriend for letting me choose the winter destinations the last three years and filming me most days. My sponsors, Fuel 10k; for providing me the meanest cereal in the business, OHDAWN! For keeping me stylish in all seasons, The Pit Surf Shop for providing me with all the necessity’s in surfing, Butta Wax for wax, obviously, and Surf Ears for protecting my ears from surfer’s ear. My mates for, well, being my mates. And mother nature for providing us with waves.

Interview by Matt from Fuel10K


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