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Department store Selfridges are removing disposable plastic water bottles from sale in all of its stores in a campaign to clear-up ocean waste. Last year the chain sold in excess of 400,000 bottles in its restaurants and food halls. Customers will instead be encouraged to bring their own bottles and to utilise new water fountains being installed both inside and outside the stores.

The shop will also offer a variety of alternative tetrapak and glass water options to cater for the grab and go customers and a host of alternative reusable water vessels will also be available to buy.

The world’s oceans are being clogged by the dumping of millions of tonnes of plastic into them every year and that figure is set to rise significantly unless major improvements in waste management are adopted, scientists have warned. It is estimated that anywhere from 5 to 14 million tonnes is being washed or dumped into the sea each year.

Selfridges Foodhall will be home to the ‘Sea Change Drinking Fountain’, offering customers freshly filtered tap water to fill their vessels with.

The company are working alongside The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) for the campaign entitled ‘Project Ocean’.

Prof Jonathan Baillie, Director of Conservation Programmes, ZSL said:

The staggering volume of plastic entering our ocean every year is having a devastating effect on our marine wildlife

“The staggering volume of plastic entering our ocean every year is having a devastating effect on our marine wildlife – from tiny corals to great whales. No matter where plastic litter originates, once it reaches the ocean it becomes a planetary problem as it is carried by ocean currents. The good news is that marine litter is a problem that can be solved, as most plastic entering the ocean comes from single use items like water bottles.

“Through our Project Ocean partnership with Selfridges we aim to rethink plastic, create and implement innovative solutions, and provide simple ways for people, industry and policy makers to take positive action. Starting in Selfridges’ store in London, we can have a global influence through Project Ocean 2015.”


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