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Greenaway Pro St IvesAfter a two-year hiatus, this September we will see the return of the Greenaway Pro which takes in surfing, music and the arts and promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

The Greenaway Pro started as a tribute to a local surfer/lifeguard/artist Tom Greenaway and as a testament to the man himself, has continued evolving beyond a boutique festival into something far bigger that has been adopted by all the communities involved, with an ethos of generosity, good spirit and celebration.

The event was set up with the intentions of bringing the community together to share and enjoy in those things that Tom was most passionate about, whilst being positive and proactive in giving something back through dedicating the proceeds to worthy charities.

Greenaway Pro is alive and burning brightly, fuelled by the creativity of the people who come together to make it, musicians, artists, film-makers, surfers, all are inspired, all are helping to keep our world as special as it can be, and all are keeping the memory of an extraordinary man ablaze.

Tickets and info:

Greenaway Pro poster

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