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Sometimes, the mix between art and surfing is taken lightly. But that is certainly not the case here.
Let me introduce Chelsey Henderson, a lovely lady with a degree in fine arts who travels the world keeping in touch with the latest artistic expressions.
Chelsey is the curator for the forthcoming Boards & Art exhibition in Buenos Aires, mixing her passion for surf, sea and art.
So please, enjoy her thoughts and perspective.

How did your relationship with surfing begin, and what similarities have you found between the sport and art?

My connection with surfing started at 16 when my brother convinced me to surf during a long summer vacation at Chapadmalal beach in Buenos Aires. After swallowing tonnes of salt water, I started to learn and the next summer I was asking to borrow a surfboard. Then my brother became a shaper and he gave me a brand new one. 
The connection between art and surf is the relationship with something so inspiring as the sea, and the results of this inspiration on whoever visits the sea.

How do you curate the exhibition, with such a diversity of styles among artists?

The planning for an exhibition is really complicated, due to the variety of styles among artists and different meanings of each one. Besides this, we have different styles inspired by each sport and I need to find the best way to choose the most representative in every discipline.
I mean, the urban sports and the asphalt gives a very unique inspiration and style in comparison with everything related to surf or sea.
We can clearly see this with Brazilian artist Tom Veiga who will be showing a pure surf art style and NASA, a surfer artist who orientates more towards an urban style. My approach as a curator is give the artist enough space to express his own style and, at the same time try to keep a visual harmony, achieving fluency in the exhibition. The photography is really helpful in keeping the transition between the differences as sleek as possible.

What is your daily relationship with surfing?

It´s not as frequent as I wish! I think it will stay the same way until I can move closer to the sea. Nevertheless, since my brother is a well-known shaper in Argentina, this is a sport really present in my life.

Please name 5 of your favourite artists.

Egon Schiele: My favourite artist ever since I saw his draws in Vienna. His draw lines are sublime, effortless precision. He´s a constant inspiration.

Luis Felipe Noe: I love what he represents in the history of our national art.

Peter Doig: He has got the ability to show no effort mixing colours but with an amazing result.

Tracey Emin: Beside her work, I feel totally inspired by her as a woman.

Hiroshi Sugimoto: His work about the oceans around the world is priceless and gives me peace every time I see it.

What is your background in relation to art?

I  was raised in a very creative family. My mum is an artist, my dad is publicist and my brother is a surfboard shaper. I went to a school based on a creative model and studied art history. After I finished my degree I went to London and worked at an art auction gallery. Once I got back to Buenos Aires,  I started as a curator in different galleries and writing essays for art magazines.

Any plans or projects in the mid term?

I’m starting a project involving an international exhibition of urban art (“street”) with the most representative artists related with this style from New York London and San Pablo.

Have you surfed lately? Tell me about your favourite spots.

At this very moment I could say “I use to surf”, jajaja. I got my board and she look me with a sad face, but as soon as I have some free time I go to the water. In relation with my favourite spots, I really enjoy Brazil. The waves are
more gentle there. Argentina is a little bit rough, but let me say that my love for the sea is strong and it works as a source of inspiration and peace of mind.

Expectations about the B&A exhibition?

This B&A exhibition is the biggest one at this time and since it will be at a museum, for me it is really important. It demands more precision and attention in my work as a curator. Besides this, there are a lot of great
artists to see so I really hope the public can enjoy it.

Thanks Chelsey!


Santiago Videla (editor)

To find out more about the exhibition visit

Venue: La munich, Av. De Los Italianos 851, CABA

Date: November 26/27

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