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The Bear Cub breaks down, and the ocean turns flat. Matt, Miguel and Jordan pass the time in the parking lot of Haut Surf Shop as Nick shapes boards to bring back to Canada.

Once we made it to Santa Cruz and Settled in at Doug Haut’s surf shop. The shaping starting, along with a severe drought for swell in town. The Bear Cub fully broke down from the long hours in the road.

For a week and a bit all we did was shape surfboards, fix the bus (with the help of the locals) and hang out in the parking lot.

A lot of time was wasted but we made the best out of it and got through boards like crazy.

No road trip has ever gone as smooth as butter – but we were in California, drinking cheap beer, smoking loose tobacco and living in a parking lot… Just like a Camel living in the desert, we adapted to our environment.

Words and images Angel Rod




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