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After more then a decade of innovation, the technical apparel specialists have designed a new range, committed to and inspired by the needs of the cold water surfer, allowing them to go deeper and colder, living and surfing in the harshest of environments.

This winter marks the launch of their CWS range, Finisterre have applied years of fabric knowledge, manufacturing and feedback from exploring surfers, to deliver specific pieces that provide functionality to surfers when travelling to and living within cold water surf environments.

As time moves on, more surfers understand the need for quality products that allow them to withstand harsh, cold, remote environments. These products can’t just be stylish, they can’t be gimmicky, they have to be able to keep surfers alive in cold harsh environments and this is what Finisterre’s CWS range has been designed to do.


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The range which consists of the first cold water surf jacket and jeans, has also led to the rethinking of the wetsuit.
After three years of research and development, Finisterre launch their brand new wetsuit tester programme. The goal? Nothing less than a complete rethink of the wetsuit for surfers living in cold water environments.
‘We’re developing a suit that will perform in the true cold water environments that we experience’ explains Finisterre brand director Ernest Capbert. “Not just in Cali-style 25C air temps and constant sunshine. In the true cold water surf environment, temperatures are low, it’s often raining and windchill is high. These are the factors we’ve considered when designing these suits.’
Finisterre are inviting surfers to take part in the Wetsuit Tester Scheme[/pullquote]

The wetsuits are scheduled for release for Autumn/Winter 2015, but in the meantime Finisterre are inviting surfers to take part in the Wetsuit Tester Scheme, which starts this November. Testers will have the opportunity to buy a suit at a special test price, put it through it’s paces and take part in feedback sessions at the end of the winter. After a further final stage of refinement and development, the suits will be available to buy from September 2015.

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To realise their vision, Finisterre are working with Mat D’Ascoli, formerly of Xcel wetsuits, and the design focus has been on lightness in the water, ease of entry/exit, quick drying time and durability, as well as the use of environmentally friendly fabrics where possible.

Full size sets of 4mm and 5mm suits will also be available to test at all Finisterre stories (St Agnes, Braunton and Falmouth) from November, while testers can apply online to take part in the Tester Scheme at




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