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Verse 001 Intro

I visit an old friend who lives in the mountains by the sea. There was a reason for him moving to the west coast of Norway, it was an idea of exploration and documentation. It is an endless conversation with a landscape of snowy mountains, deep fjords, wild seas, strong winds, dark forests, rainy days and aurora nights. The work never stops as long as time is changing.
On an island, on an empty beach cold water surfing is on. Weather and temperature waits for no one.

Verse 002

Norwegian coldwater surf

Nature sometimes feels like an equilibrium where success does not matter. As if we ask ourselves the wrong question, or we cannot fully grasp the answer.

Verse 003

Norwegian coldwater surf

You don’t really want me, but I always wanted you.
Waiting, waiting, nothing. The sea is a giver. The sea is a taker.
We push forward, leaving time behind.

Verse 004

Norwegian coldwater surf

Kicking off. Riding. Blinded and focused. Looking for what we cannot see.
Sundown tickles the waves, keeping them alive while the burning light is warming faces and softening emotions. Purple water. Dusk. Hot hearted, cool watered. Light is never here to stay.

Verse 005

Norwegian coldwater surf

Do what is good and leave all else behind.

With our backs against the sky and our eyes on the sea, the light might stay.

Verse 006

Norwegian coldwater surf

Unfulfilled. Shouting desires do not fulfil them.

Verse 007

Norwegian coldwater surf

Scattered clouds and a spectrum of pastel colors. Sea eagles nest on the mountain side. Islands are no longer hiding on the horizon. Waves begin where sea or sky do not matter.

Verse 008

Norwegian coldwater surf

Time stands still. Wind without air in its eternal lung. Surface somewhere in between the self and shadow, between past and present. Learning to contemplate, when light is slowing down.

Verse 009

Norwegian coldwater surf

Beneath it, invisible and silent.

Verse 010

Norwegian coldwater surf

The Norwegian sky is getting cold and another frost night is in the making. Everything is blank. Warming coffee on the beach. Sky makes space for the aurora, with no promise of the night. But it is all there.

Verse 011

Norgwegian coldwater surf

Images haunt us.

The car rumbles down with headlights cutting through thick darkness following the dirt road. Unseen matters outside, we stop the car looking at light green standing sticks ripping the sky.
A white beach in the night, heavy blue clouds and northern lights, dancing in front of our cameras. Naked and the sea.

We haunt for images.

Verse 012 Outro


Where do we go?

Someone threw bulky rocks over the side of the bay, like dots against the petrol blue backdrop. Dead kelp on the beach, harvested in the storm. The Milky Way gives directions, throwing its white map over the sky.

Can’t go home yet. A purpose without objective. Move on.

Photo / Words Petter Claesson

Surfers:  Blake Sands, Rhodri Hardy, Robert Dolama, Anders Johansson

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