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Torren Martyn has just dropped a rather delightful Indonesian edit, a collection from various film-makers of the good man himself during an elongated excursion to Java and beyond. We were lucky enough to grab five minutes with the Byron Bay charger who is well renowned for his interesting and broad-minded board selection.


Torren has been in Indonesia for the last five months

Hey Torren, we’ll cut straight to the chase… What are you riding right now?

I brought over seven boards for this Indo trip, but I can only really say I’ve been riding two of them… One is the board I’m riding in the Deserts footage which is a 5’9 diamond tail four channel bottom and the other is the board in I’m riding in Java which is a 5’7 – swallow tail 6 channel bottom. Both are twin fins and both made by local Byron shaper Simon Jones.

Torren Martyn

Working his magic with affordable board art and his new company Layart

How is your illustration going?

My art side of things has been taking up quiet a lot of time at the moment which has been a good thing. I’m currently working on a big installation in a store over here painting 20 wooden oars for a feature wall, two change rooms and a collaboration for their clothing range which is all starting to come together.

Ive also recently launched a new company called Layart that I’m really psyched about and have been working on for the last little while.

Layart are premium quality UV resistant stickers and is an idea that Ive had for quiet a while to provide an innovative, affordable and simple way to provide surfboard art although it’s not limited to just board art. Layart can be used on walls, cars, books, computers, windows etc and we are collaborating with a bunch of diverse artists from around the world.

Are you doing anything with Afends or any other brands?

Afends and I went separate ways a few months ago, I had a really good few years with them and they gave me a lot of opportunities but it’s time for a new chapter, which is exciting. At the moment I’m being supported by Electric, ESP and Simon Jones.

One of the designs from the Afends tie-up

One of the designs from the Afends tie-up

Are you back in Byron for Christmas? Looking forward to it?

I’m planning on heading home in the next couple of weeks hopefully before Christmas, basically as soon as Ive finished this job. I’m looking forward to heading back to Byron for the summer, it’s always fun back there this time of year and its home there’s no place like home so it’ll be good catching up with everyone over the festive season.

What is planned for 2016?

As for next year I definitely have a few seeds planted in my head, I guess it partly depends on how Layart is going and also if I land on my feet with a new sponsor.

When I was 13 I home schooled around Australia for 18 months with my mum and her partner at the time. I have a bunch of diaries and photo from the journey and I’d really like to relive that trip and document my own adventure, possibly over a few months – I think it would be really rad.

I’ve also got a couple of places I’d like to spend some time… Morocco and Taiwan are also right up there on my list so I’m going to work at ticking those few ideas off.

Torren Martyn

Who do you look up to the most? Does anyone outside the surfing world also inspire you?

I never really grew up with a father figure or favourite surfer that I looked up to, but I think I generally look up to the people that are living the life they want and not being manipulated and constrained by routine, I look up to people that live simple lives.

What’s your biggest goal?

I guess my goal in life is to do exactly that, I’d like to live a simple life and leave as little mark as possible, I’m consciously becoming more aware and educating myself about giving a little back to world that we’re quickly destroying.

Where would be your dream surf trip location to travel to?

My dream surf trip… that’s a tough one. I’ve travelled quite a lot and spent a significant amount of time in both Indonesia and Mexico both those places in their season have to be the most consistent places for waves in the world and they set the bar pretty high

I’ve been thinking a lot about France, Portugal and Morocco. I’d really like to spend some more time over those directions in a van or something.

I did a trip in 2010 with a few close mates but I hurt my knee on my first surf in Hossegor and had to come home for an operation. I think that would be a little bit of a dream to go back and do it justice.

What does the word adventure mean to you?

When I think of the word adventure, I think of long dirt roads down southern Baja, bumpy rides in traditional finishing boats, camping and camp fires, BBQs, fishing and surfing with a mate or two with no one in sight. I love the word and idea of adventure – it means something new and exciting and I’m in to that.

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