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Matthew Gahan has pulled off a few great surf flicks in his time, from recycled rides to aged glides he has it covered. We caught up with him to chat about surf, garage sales and keeping the stoke alive…

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Hey Matt… How did you end up here?

I grew up in San Clemente, California and surfing is something that most kids just do here. By the time high school came around I was hooked. I had a few older friends on the surf team who put in a good word for me with the coach, I tried out and made the team. That was a complete dream come true; I got to surf every morning with my best friends.

How did you come across Donald and what inspired you to make the ‘Story Board’ documentary?

Donny and I met at a mutual friend’s garage sale. Once or twice a year this friend invites people over to try and sell any old boards or wetsuits we may have lying around; it’s like a miniature swap meet. I had a couple old shortboards that I was basically trying to give away but no one was interested.


From Pallets to Pleasure, a real rags to riches story (Metaphorically speaking of course)

It’s probably because everyone was buying Donny’s old boards. I think he sold eight or nine that day. I was baffled because these things all looked really funky; asymmetrical, weird channels, some without fins. But people were snatching them up, and paying good money for them.

Donny is really good at explaining his thoughts on why something should or shouldn’t work

I think one reason people were so intrigued is because Donny is really good at explaining his thoughts on board designs and why something should or shouldn’t work. Towards the end of the day Donny introduced himself. When he found out I was a filmmaker he told me about this idea he had to make a surfboard out of old wooden pallets.

After seeing how interested people were with his ideas on board design, and after hearing the reason he wanted to make this board, I was pretty excited. We went from there.

What is your favorite film you have worked on or directed?

I think ‘Barry and Art’ has been my favorite project to work on so far. Those guys were both so enthusiastic about the whole process and they loved all the attention that comes along with being in front of a camera. Plus their enthusiasm was infectious!

What inspired your film Barry and Art?

I grew up surfing with Barry and Art. Those guys are out in the water as much or more than anyone I know. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become less interested in surfing when the conditions aren’t perfect, when I’m tired, or when it’s cold. I guess I made that film to try and figure out what keeps them motivated and stoked to be out in the ocean as often as they are.

Who else do you find yourself working for?

I work with The Beast Agency and Little Village Films on all sorts of projects

What is next? Are you working on anything exciting we should know about?

Nothing too exciting at the moment but I have a few personal projects I’d like to start working on after the holidays. Thanks for asking!

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