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When the marketing gambit opens with “Where we’re going, we don’t need boards” you know the result is going to be ‘out there’ to say the least.

The WaveWrecker is the latest bit of surf-tech vying for your hard earned cash on crowdfunding site Kickstarter and this one is certain to raise a few eyebrows from the surfing fraternity.

The basic premise is is simple, a modified wetsuit covered in foam fins that not only help you float better but also aides in catching waves. It is clear that the days of cursing yourself for not packing your board will officially be over if the WaveWrecker becomes part of your quiver.


“WaveWrecker is a form of wearable technology that’s designed to make your body streamlined and able to glide through the water and ride waves with marine mammal-like ease. It also has built-in buoyancy that allows wave riders to stay in the water longer, catch and grip waves with control, and exceed the limits of bodysurfing alone.” The project page states.

The brains behind the bodyboard is Nick Gadler, a lifetime surfer, who came across the idea while teaching his son to swim.

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After six hard years, countless design iterations and  27 prototypes the WaveWrecker was born. Gadler has since launched the project onto an unsuspecting Kickstarter audience seeking a modest $10,000, which seeing the rate he is going at will be well achievable.

Despite probably looking a little out of place in the line-up, it actually looks a lot of fun, so if you can get over the initial hiccup this could become a firm stablemate of your spare tyre and other boot items.

Starting at $350 (around £250) it actually comes in cheaper than some high-end wetsuits. If you fancy ‘being the board’ you had better ride on over to Kickstarter now.


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